All-Ages All-Stars: Camilo Otálora’s Super Friends!

Note: Part of what makes heroes heroic is the example they make for others. And this piece by Camilo Otálora shows DC’s power trio as free-wheeling children in a heart-warming reimagination of what Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman can be. Today’s spotlighting of this is as much a ‘thumbs up’ to the regular wear design of the heroes as is the illustration Camilo did. Bravo! – Chris A.

12 comments to “All-Ages All-Stars: Camilo Otálora’s Super Friends!”
  1. This reminds me of a book I read as a kid, about a group of kids who wore Super Friends costumes and had a treehouse/clubhouse and a Batmobile go-kart kind of thing. Anyone remember that book? Anyway, what a sweet image. It seems to tell its own story about these particular kids. Great work.

  2. Pretty darn near perfect. Would love a collection of greeting/birthday cards in this style.

  3. This is awesome. Would adore to see the entire justice league, I have a feeling Aquaman would adapt to this style perfectly.

  4. The only thing that could have made this more fun is if the bike were invisible! But hen we wouldn’t get to see that great star patterned foam pad! So I guess it’s perfect!

  5. What’s the purpose of the foam pad? Is it to protect your face a little bit in case you wreck into a wall or something? Or maybe it’s to make things slightly more comfortable for your friends when you give them a pump. Either way, this illustration is great.

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