P:R Approved: Eric Guzman’s Robin!

Note: Eric Guzman‘s work returns to the site today, this time with a new take on an old favorite: Robin. Guzman’s designs gives him the armor a crimefighter like Robin would need, but also understands that too much armor is a bad thing for someone as acrobatic and stealthy as the boy wonder. – Chris A.

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  1. That is sick!! I really like the look. It’s simple and useful, and reminds me of a cross between Young Justice Robin and Young Justice Nightwing.

  2. I like this, but I feel like it loses some of the brightness that makes it a counterpoint to Batman. He doesn’t look like Robin Hood or a Robin’s Redbreast, so he’s kind of lost what earned him his name

  3. I pretty much love 98% of this design. It loses 1% for the toe notch in the tabi shoes being waaay out of place, and 1% for the bat mask. I get the tie-in to the Bat-family, but I’m just not digging it here.

  4. While I love the mask and cape, the body armor seems a bit…un-Robiny?
    I don’t know, if you take away the R, it could literally be any heroes’ body armor as long as they had a similar color scheme, not including the split-toed boots.
    Not only that, but the elbow pads are a bit too bulky in width.
    But I do rather enjoy the little “beak” shape he used for the belt center.

  5. Okay, I don’t like the hair, then moving down I’m rather happy with everything until you get below the knees….

    He’s wearing armored…stirrups over….I don’t know what to call those things on his feet…”split water-socks”?

    Actually, the knee and elbow pads are a bit too much for me, I mean they are huge, and they are attached…how?

    Actually, I think I just figured it out, in general his armor feels like it has a Mattel “action figure, now featuring removable/snap-on armor!” thing going on…

    I look at this image from afar, and go, wow, that looks cool. But looking at most of the component pieces, I’m left with a far different opinion. Eric Guzman, how have you left me so confused?!

  6. Robins have red breasts. Why doesn’t this one?

    Art looks cool, but I’m not feeling the design so much here. I’m not sure what the deal is with the cape. How is it attached? To the top of his back rather than fastened around the neck or shoulders? And the shape of the cape? I like the cape to be flat, scalloped like the Bat’s, or hinting at a wing shape like it was in Markham City or The Batman cartoon. It also appears to be functionless. I can’t imagine it aids in stealth, misdirection in fighting, and even the cape glider idea probably wouldn’t work with such a thin V of a cape. The detailing in gloves/boots works pretty well though. Belt is good, mask is good, hair looks good.

  7. This is absolutely gorgeous! That aside, though, sometimes I miss the green in Robin’s costume from before “1 Year Later”

  8. Everything except for the feet is awesome! Recent renditions of Robin really tone down the colors, but this seems to strike the perfect balance between badass and colorful.

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