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  1. I haven’t been much of a fan of the Branch work on this site – either because I never felt strongly about the characters featured or didn’t feel that his overly technical, seamed style lent much to the character. As a result, I figured I just didn’t like his style. But this one really jumps out at me, as well as a bunch of others on his site. I’m really liking the hood/mask/goggles combo here.

  2. Lots to like here. The cowl is voluminous but still seems to work (maybe it’s the goggles and/or the above mentioned lenses). There are a lot of lines but they mostly seem to work together (the lines at the wrists and elbows being possible exceptions). The plainer legs compliment the busier upper body without seeming neglected.

    I’m on record as not loving purple for costumes but it works here better than in other places. The pouches are a little Liefeldian (and not in a good way) but are least of an appropriate size and some interesting shapes.

    Overall, a great effort.

  3. I’m trying so hard to like Stephanie Brown, but I just can’t. I don’t hate her, I just couldn’t care less for her. All that aside, this is a good design. It’s not iconic, but it’s a good redesign and a nice blend of her former personas.

  4. Thanks for the comments, everyone! ESPECIALLY to ANYA!!! You have an adorable daughter there, John Marcotte! =)

    There are few characters that draw that line between liking and not, and Stephanie Brown is no exception. You either do or your don’t and that’s what really drew me to do this redesign. It had to be a balance of a solid costume (re)design and recognizable as Steph. I’m happy with what I did with this design, but that’s the great thing about redesigning thing, you can always try again.

  5. This is Stephen as sanctioned by Bruce. She’s no longer the plucky outsider. Now she’s a member in her own right. Though I do feel the classic Spoiler suit is great in it’s simplicity.

  6. I’m going to admit, when I first saw the mask design, I was appalled. No black void of the Spoiler! No fun, expressive white eyes!?

    But then I read that this was supposed to be where Brown returned to Spoiler after Bat-girl, I grew more accepting of it.

    The hoods folds seem nice and sort of archaic, which follow the kind of “spook” look her hood had in the beginning, and the only complaint I have with the mask is that something to hearken back to the original mask would have been nice.
    The torso armor is questionable in the shapes and seems he picked (the upward triangle shapes seem a bit too Arrowette or Artemis for me).
    I love the design of the belt, and how the grey breaks up the purple and black nicely.
    I question the seams on her hands, but I like the bands on her wrists.

    Branch seems to dislike putting secondary colors or definition of “pants and boot” in the lower leg area for some reason in a lot of his redesigns. I don’t know if he’s trying to make the lower legs of his heroine designs looks as sleek and feminine as possible, or if he just dislikes drawing boots?

  7. While I have been really hesitant about Stephanie stepping back into Spoiler from Batgirl, I wouldn’t mind with this design. There are elements from both her uniforms here(love that you kept the admittedly useless thigh-pouch), however the design is unique enough to stand on its own merit. It feels like a step forward as Spoiler as opposed to the symbolic regression that could have been.

    I color scheme is great, being muted while still allowing the purple to overtake things for the most part. Her mask/hood combo hides her identity very well(best thing about the Spoiler original costume) however the open mouth is both a nice callback to her time as Batgirl and allows for a more subtle touch of femininity(the lipstick) without restorting to… the usual comic book methods of referencing the female figure. Which is another great thing, her breasts and crotch both black areas. While I am in no way saying that women need to hide/repress those areas, they are areas that any fighter would want to keep from being targeted. The New 52 “armor lines* are a nice touch, the color is subtle enough that it doesn’t take away focus but it gives the impression that this is armor, while also tying her into other current Batfamily uniforms.

    This is the kind of adult Stephanie Brown that I could see leading a series with Cass and holding her own. A wonderful design, and when Stephanie does make her eventual debut, this will be the bar by which I measure the new design.

  8. Love the goggles, the cowl and the asymmetry in the legs. Not sure how I feel about the pouches as an accented color. Make them purple or black and let her bright lips be the only color pop- a great way to accent her femininity without insisting on an impractical, sexualized costume.

  9. I echo what Dannyindeed said above. I was not a fan of most of Branchs previous work as I didn’t think it was suited to superhero drawing, however, this and his fabulous Dani Moonstar may have converted me.

  10. This is a neat design. You transformed what was established but managed to keep the “trademark” of the character anyhow. I find your design very sober and very simple, which is, in my opinion, very important to show that the idea is not buried under the details but speak loud and clear. I think you did good not to add to much “tech stuff” all over and keep it simple. I was not sure you would keep the naivity of the character through the suit, but I think it works in the end. What I can’t say is: (you took away the full facial mask) was this a good idea? This is a real bold choice but a convincing one.
    Overall a good idea. Again what makes it work for me is the non-presence of unnecessary details, the simplicity of it makes it stand out, and doing so, it makes your ideas more visible, your choices more contrasted. Good stuff! I agree with some above, it could be the New 52 easily! :)

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