P:R Approved: Kris Anka’s Mr. Freeze!

Note: Not since Mike Mignola’s excellent redesign in Batman: The Animated Series have I been excited to see a new look for Mr. Freeze. P:R Regular Kris Anka delivers the goods here, making a convincing containment suit for Mr. Fries that melds his earlier look with haunting science fiction ala Fringe. And Anka went the next level with the coloring choices, with the flat colors for the suit contrasting witht he glowing blue and the haunting red googles. – Chris A.

Here’s what Anka said about the design:

Continuing as part of the daily bust series, when I approached Mr. Freeze I wanted to create some form of visual simplicity with the characters. Because of the visual nature of his power (glowing blue colour) I felt he would look great with that as a visual theme. I added the “Tron lines” to help define the figure within a silhouette. He could be drawn with his entire body fading into shadow, but the lines and the helmet would still provide enough information as to what he was doing, and it would be a cool visual look which would also contrast his red eyes.

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  1. Sorry but this one does not make it for me. The general idea is poor, I mean this does not tackle anything in particular, it’s just the batman TAS design with everything that made it great + the tron lines, as the artist put it himself.Sure the pic is nice to look at, but everything that does not remind me of Tron, is in fact things present in Batman TAS.
    I agree that their design was absolutely amazing and is the reference, but I suppose a “designer” is suppose to tackle the established ideas. Why not give him a black glass helmet with a red Tron line for the eyes? Admittedly, this was just a quick idea of mine, does not mean it’s a good one! But this concept itself would have been in balance with the Tron idea, for instance.

  2. I think “Tron Lines” is used more as a slang term here and not really meant to be Tron related. Its an ok design, nothing really groundbreaking. The stupid 52 collar needs to go, tho.

  3. Why does the dome glow? Honestly, I know Tron was popular for a while, but glowing things are usually either magic or pointless wastes of energy.

  4. God, this looks so cool. I especially like the cylinders sticking out the back, and the cool gun, way better than the huge, clunky freeze ray he usually has. Kris Anka, why are you not hired to design every superhero ever? DC and Marvel need to make some kind of deal where they can share you.

  5. I love this website, I like Anke’s work, but can we start showcasing other artists, this is starting to feel like a “Kris Anke fansite”.

    Your Friend in Chessitz Christ,


  6. Kris Anka is a great designer. I like this look though as stated it’s not revolutionary. I may be biased but I love glowing lines…on anything :) so yeah I support this. And Chris A keep up the great work with this site. It’s a great resource for inspiration. And I have submitted things a few times! Hoping to get some love thrown my way at some point ;) Thanks.

  7. Kris Anka is a fantastic designer. I enjoy most of his redesigns. This one is no exception. That being said, he just did like 30 some odd redesigns in one piece on deviantart a bit ago. So far about 5 of them from the whole lot have been featured here. If you want to check out the rest, just visit his DA. It is a bit redundant to post them one by one as opposed to all at the same time. Even when you guys have posted large numbers of redesigns in the past in the same post.

  8. It looks rather…glowy?

    The goggle and helmet designs are nice, but I really don’t understand the need for the glowing, or at least for the straight up glowing.
    I’d understand if Mr.Freeze was a energy based or radioactive, like a “Mr.Nova” or something, I don’t know.
    I understand what the glowing bits TRY to convey, or at least I think I do. I see the lines on his body as exterior sheathes for the temperature chemical required to keep him alive, and the glowy tubes on his back are meant to be chemical capsules.
    But the straight up glow just doesn’t convey that it’s icy or cold in nature.

    Doing my best to pretend that the “Tron” aesthetics don’t exist, the body suit is nice and stream-lined, and looks very functional, which fits the more “logical” personalities of Freeze I’ve seen.
    The glove design seems to imply he could use his hands to manually freeze people (ala, The Batman version of Freeze (or as I like the call him, Ice-Berg Freeze)), which is a fun concept to add to the relatively simplified freeze gun.
    The back tech looks cool, and the way that and his helmet are strapped in was done in a appealing way.

    All in all, a fun design of Mr.Freeze, but didn’t have anything with a “WOW” quality to me. If the glowing actually had a apparent function other than silhouette, I’d be a lot more drawn to this design.

  9. Personally I would prefer this without the Tron lines. It looks too much like a character out of that universe than a character in the DC universe. The placement of the lines is perfect, but I think they’d look more appropriate if they weren’t glowing. Aside from that, he looks great. Nothing new is on display here, but as with most of Anka’s work, the layout of the suit’s details is better than most previous incarnations. I hope someday we see a version of Mr. Freeze on the big screen that actually does the character justice.

  10. The only thing i dont dig are the light bulb like things coming outta his back,and if other artists submitted more art maybe Anka wouldnt be featured or noticed as much,but in the meantime Kris keep up the great work makes my workday go by alot better to check this sites art!

  11. TBolt: The stupid 52 collar needs to go, tho.

    Mr. Freeze is exactly the kind of character who would wear a nehru collar.

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