P:R Approved: Erica Henderson’s Guy Gardner, Green Lantern!

Note: It seems as if Green Lantern is on the minds of many artists these days. Maybe it’s because of Geoff Johns’ finale on the Green Lantern title, or maybe it’s our own Green Lantern: Emerald Ensemble redesign contest. Or maybe it’s just because they’re that cool. Whatever the instigation, we’re glad to be showcasing this spirited take on DC’s Guy Gardner by artist Erica Henderson. This piece was recently posted on Henderson’s tumblr after a particularly tumultous trip on the NYC train system. This design, from the costume to the green projection and the bruised face are the quintessential Guy Gardner. Just try’n’ ignore him! – Chris A.
8 comments to “P:R Approved: Erica Henderson’s Guy Gardner, Green Lantern!”
  1. The bottom half seems sort of lack-luster compared to the character the top half evokes (especially that awesome Vest, I want).

    Maybe if the white line had been continued down into the boots to kind of unify them or something.

  2. neat, really like the design of the whole thing. The short sleeves and gloves work well for the character and for the GLC in general, especially in a retro 1950’s space cop sort of way.

  3. This is a nice update to Guy’s classic outfit. More than anything though, Erica did a wonderful job capturing his attitude in this illustration. Everything, from his facial expression (including the Band Aid across the nose accessory and the shiner on his eye) to the big, green “bird” he’s conjuring, scream Guy Gardner. I especially love the haircut she chose. I drew my own interpretation of Guy Gardner a few months back, and I too went with the shaved on the sides, messy in the middle do. It’s sort of the standard punk hairstyle of today that you see so many MMA fighters and Tapout junkies sporting, and it fits his personality so well. Also it beats the heck out of that ridiculous bowl cut. I have to agree with The Dork of Steel that the bottom half could’ve used a little more thought, but it doesn’t kill this one for me. I think I would’ve shortened the gloves a little too or changed the color, but I think maybe I just have a thing against white gloves on men. Hal always pulled ’em off though. Overall, incredible job Erica! I always enjoy her work.

  4. As a fairly recent convert to the Green Lantern fanbase, I really enjoy this design. I’ll agree with what others have said: the hairstyle, the expression, the jacket all work fantastically. Yes, the bottom half of the outfit is a little bare, but as a whole it still looks fun. Well done, Erica! :)

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