P:R Approved: Howard Porter’s Designs For “Justice League 3000”

Note: Kudos to DC for taking a second look at the future of the DC — namely in a new series 1000 years in our future with Justice League 3000. Announced yesterday in an exclusive with CBR, the news came with futuristic redesigns for the big five heroes of the Justice League — Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Flash and this amazing Superman. All of these designs are by former JLA artist Howard Porter, who has really outdone himself here. Head over to CBR to see the rest of these redesigns. – Chris Arrant

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  1. These designs are beyond sick. I can’t wait to see this book. I think that Batman and Wonder Woman would totally work in current continuity.

  2. I like iridescence and transparencies coupled with a minimalistic logo… but the hairstyle, seams and hexagonal patterns are so 2000…
    The looks work, but the designs are more 1000 days in the past then 1000 years in the future.

  3. Well… nice artwork that’s for sure… but the RE-design element of is a bit weak – they are not THAT different from the originals… Just look at Wonder Woman. They shouldn’t be slightly different clones of the originals…especially not after a 1000 years. Just saying :)
    GL is really different, I have to admit that much :) But WW? please…

  4. Nice designs, although despite it being set 1000 years in the future, there are no people of colour or any more women. Missed opportunity.

  5. You guys are serious?

    I really feel there is no hope for DC Comics at this point. These designs are atrocious.

    In black and white, the line art for the Batman design is at least interesting but the others are just gawd aweful. The worst being the incredibly uninspired Flash, I am going to be generous and call it ‘design’, which is so terrible as to beat out the messy, sloppy and utterly unattractive look of Wonder Woman. My goodness lady, have some decency and put on a respectable costume.

    The Superman is simply the dead Earth 2 Superman’s outfit recolored. I can’t even go into the Green Spectre. If there was more info on him I could judge it good or bad but right now it’s just there and bleh.

    Disgusting and disappointing.

  6. the only one I thought hit was the Green Lantern one. The other ones are kinda weak. especially flash. Bandanna? eh.

  7. All the designs are pretty cool, but Wonder Woman’s does not look futuristic in the slightest. Fail.

  8. I’m going with yawn in general, as I see no inspired, “futuristic” look to these redesigns.
    Superman : Meh, but I do like the transparency of the cape, and that he’s sporting the anti-mullet.
    Batman: Nothing really new here.
    Wonder Woman: At least she has a strap to keep her top up, I guess. Let’s help her place the star atop the evergreen, shall we? Maybe there’s a new outfit for her under the tree. Ick.
    Flash: Yuck. It’s Marvel’s Chamber in red.
    Green Lantern: I’m going with Barking Alien’s comparison above. I see “Green Spectre”.

  9. Well, you can’t tell what color the Lantern is, but yes those are ugly. WW’s tiara/headband looks like she’s just put it on in a drunken fit, for one. Might work as an Elseworld.

  10. I’m afraid I must agree with Edwin, Barking Alien et al. in saying that I’m not all that impressed by these designs. Yes the artwork is good, but I feel they really missed an opportunity to come up with some original, creative designs. So many things could change in the next 1000 years. Do people still wear clothes as we know them or has global warming caused us to find alternative means of protecting our bodies? Have we come into contact with more alien species and are they part of our society (if so, how about an Alien Batman or Wonder Woman?). And has biomechanics advanced to the point where robotic implants are available on the commercial market? (Cyborg Flash)

  11. These are interesting redesigns, but that’s as close to a positive review I can give. They really don’t give off a “year 3000” vibe at all. And I agree with most others that this version of Wonder Woman is not at all intriguing and totally missed the mark, although her weapon of choice is something new. Green Lantern is definitely the best. In a weird way I like Superman’s hair, but everything else is too derivative of his terrible New 52 costume. Flash’s torso is kind of cool if that means anything. Batman brings to mind the Smallville season 11 design. What I take from this is that they are possibly living in a post-apocalyptic world of sorts. I have to admit that I’m not really a fan of future versions of characters. I like to think that their modern counterparts have a somewhat triumphant ending and would have succeeded in their fight for justice and peace for the most part, so it’s hard for me to get into stories like this. The only exceptions that come to mind are Kingdom Come and Batman Beyond. Still, these stories can be fun, or if nothing else, fun to look at. We’ll see what happens.

  12. wow… when I submitted my comment, I though everyone would send me to hell, but it seems like others feel the same way…
    Oh, just to prove a point, here is a fun point of view in terms of how bad these redesigns are: take Batman.
    Think about Batman as you know it, classic Caped Crusader Bruce Wayne. And then we have Terry McGinnis in Batman Beyond. And we have this Batman – let’s call him Batman 3000.
    So.. Terry as Batman is more futuristic in 2019 than Batman 3000 in well… 3000. Now that’s what I call a failed attempt, guys :)

  13. Okay, after some further examination, I don’t hate the Superman as much, but another artist has to work with this for me to be convinced. The body proportions and general ugliness of the art hurt otherwise boring designs. I agree with Thomas that not enough was done with the creativity in how clothing could have changed in 1000 years. This entire line stinks of bad art and wasted potential

  14. By 3000, The Singularity will have occurred (900 years in the past). Advancements in robotics, cybernetics, computers, nanotechnology, et cetera will put all humans on a par with the contemporary Justice League. So, why will these guys be doing their…thing?

    On a side note, what kind of superheroes are they if they haven’t negated “global warming” with their powers and advanced alien technologies.

    Oh, and those costumes are not so great. Whale biologist.

  15. @Mike Zeidler

    What? Do you expect white people to die out by then or do you really think the future will be populated by Goobacks?

  16. Not a fan of this Superman. Everything about it is just wrong even though it’s clearly trying to be Superman. Batman looks good, but it looks like an alternate costume for the present. More a precursor to the Beyond suit than anything that would come after it. Wonder Woman looks good, but it should be a present design also. The Flash one is uninspired, is it supposed to be Impulse-as-Flash maybe? Green Lantern is absolutely amazing though, and it makes total sense to me that since the Lantern costume is a construct of the ring, there should be WILD variations on it. I always felt like we should have at least one Earth Green Lantern wearing a cape, because he would see himself as a superhero and superheroes wear capes, so his costume would just naturally come with a cape. This mysterious cloaked figure looks great too, but I would almost say he should lose the GL insignia altogether to maintain the mystery. Also, I love the way GL’s face is COMPLETELY COVERED, since that’s what would happen if a Green Lantern was trying to actually hide his identity. The live action movie threw me for such a loop with GL’s identity not being actually hidden in any way that I honestly would have liked to see them throw the source material out and just have had that muscle-texture “suit” be applied even to his entire head.

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