P:R Approved: Kris Anka’s Star Sapphire!

Note: In the wake of Tron: Legacy, having glowing elements in superhero costumes has become one of the biggest trends in comics. And while Kris Anka knows that it can be overdone, he knows when something is good for a costume. This tweaking of the New 52 Star Sapphire costume makes the pink colorization of the costume glow to symbolize the power of the Star Sapphire. Furthermore, the adjustment of the mask gives it  more alien and ornate look that stands out amongst a crowd of heroes. – Chris A.

Anka had this to say about his work:

Continuing as part of the daily bust series, when I approached Star Sapphire, I must admit there wasn’t that much I felt needed to be done. I love her current New 52 design, so all I mainly did was add my own visual spin on her. I felt glowing body suits made sense given that the lanterns powers visualized as light.

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  1. DD: Not so much of a redesign…

    You don’t have to reinvent the lightbulb to do a redesign. Sometimes, it’s as simple as closing Power Girl’s boob window

  2. Finally, a Star Sapphire costume I can take seriously without either laughing or shaking my head!

  3. It’s always cool to see how Anka tweaks a costume. It was already a good idea when DC chose to cover her up a little more, and he just took that and made it slightly better here. Every small change made this costume a little better.

  4. Not saying this is bad but it is definitely the weakest Anka design I have seen on this website (which is saying a lot considering he is seemingly a weekly feature). I dislike the oversized star and use of white even though I think the neon-pink looks great. I also agree with Barking Alien in that skin can be shown without it necessarily sexualising a character and in some case the sexual aspect of a characters appearance sometimes is integral to their character though not necessarily in this case).

  5. Barking Alien: Nice but…not as special as some of his other designs. Looks like a recolored Dr. Light/Kimiyo Hoshi.http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m59w4mEjBb1qmsj87o1_r1_250.jpghttp://girl-wonder.org/dimestoredames/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/kimiyo1.pngI know its against the law to advocate a little more skin but…how about a tiny bit more than this. Just asking. I’ll go back in my hole now.

    Lookit! It’s Dr. Light 3000! She has a tone-on-tone hexagon pattern in her costume! She’s from the fuh-chaaaaaaah!

  6. Probably not Anka’s most well-loved design, but I dunno, I think I’d agree with Ren on this. While she is more covered, and functionally sound, there’s still a ‘sexiness’ present. I sort of wish the star pattern were less emphasized, though. Every small tweak is great.

    I think the subtle tweaks to the mask is what really steals the show for me, though.

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