P:R Redesign: Jordan Gibson’s Superboy!

Note: There’s more to redesigning than just slapping on a new unitard — Jordan Gibson knows that, and so does the people behind Man of Steel. In this redesign, Gibson takes on the Boy of Steel and updates his t-shirt and also his do. He’s no hipster, but that wild mane does show a Superboy with a little bit of rebellion — taking that spit curl way too far, but in a good way. – Chris Arrant

Jordan’s thinking behind the design:

I tried to give Superboy a modern version of his 90s haircut back as well as something that incorporated all the primary colors while retaining the plain clothes look he’d been rocking for a while. I also wanted to give him his own S. I felt like the 90s electric one was a good fit, because Conner is basically the only part of the 90s Superman mythos to stick around DC.

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  1. wow, very good. I think what works the most is the absence of superfluous details, somehow linked to a Superman/boy uniform. To make it a simple shirt, with red on the shoulders instead of adding a jacket or some weird details, is, in my opinion, the strongest idea and the most effective one in your design. I must add that it can only work because you gave him a blue jeans, simple but effective, and allowing the shirt to speak by itself, containing the superman suit icon all alone. Sometime design is about getting the right idea on the right spot, I think it’s the case here. Very good stuff!

  2. This is a good illustration. I always find that whenever a superhero rocks the “casual” look or tries to pull of street clothes they tend to look like a dude wearing a superhero t-shirt.

  3. I kind of agree with Luke. Although I prefer a more realistic approach to superhero duds these days, as opposed to skin-tight outfits, I think Superboy needs something a little more like a costume. Superman logo shirts are just too popular in modern society for me to buy it as a costume in a comic book. It just doesn’t feel like an actual superhero. I like the hair in this one a lot though.

  4. I love casual superhero looks. Morales’ jeans and t-shirt Superman was great and this reminds me of that. I really like the logo here and the way the red sleeves replaces the.need to have a cape.

  5. This is a great idea of how to keep the civvie spandex idea that is so paramount to the Conner’s “costume”, but to do it in a fresh way. I love the idea of doing it as a one of those baseball shirts to incorporate extra colors, and I like the way it’s another tshirt costume for the Superman family without stepping on the toes of the black Superboy shirt, the New 52 Action Comics Superman tshirt, or the older white Supergirl tshirt. The ‘S’ looks great, but I couldn’t see it being justified in-universe. The hair looks great too, although I don’t know if I could see Conner being enough of a hipster to sport that hairstyle today.

  6. Very Nice work. A clean and simple design that captures the essence of the character. One look and you know exactly what this character is all about, that’s good design.

    On another note I would pay good money for that shirt! That is swell!

  7. This is a fantastic redesign!
    I love the art style too.
    Anyone know where I can get a Superman shirt like that?

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