P:R Redesign: Rose McClain’s Power Girl!

Note: Hot off her second place finish in this week’s Green Lantern: Emerald Ensemble results, Rose McClain fires back with a great rendition of DC’s Power Girl. McClain shows how to be powerful and sexy without fighting crime in a bikini, and gives her a tocuh of regality owing to her roots with the side-slung shoulderpad and armor.- Chris A.

Rose’s thoughts on the design:

I love that Power Girl has a really elegant design to the top half of her suit — the long sleeves and high collar have a formal and militaristic vibe to them, which is cool. I wanted to try to take her out of the bikini bottom and bring that elegance and power to the rest of her costume, while trying to retain the more iconic style elements. This meant finding a creative way to formalize the outfit, yet keep at least a hint of cleavage! The end result is sleek, powerful, and still pretty sexy.


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  1. The style is a bit clunky, but overall I like it. I think I’d ditch the blue on the legs and arms, I don’t think it needs it.

  2. This is now my official “Best Pee Gee Costume” ever. Hurray for fully dressed heroines. I like how Rose include a back view, it completes the costume. Wish more artists did this.

  3. I think it’s phenomenal. No boob window is obviously a huge improvement, but I believe it’s the first design I’ve seen that ditches it while not covering all her front up to her chin.

    The boot zippers seem like a superfluous element, but since they’re practical too, I say go for it.

  4. Love this. Strikes a great note. Retains the best elements, improves on others. Also love your rendering of Kara.

    My only notes on it: I agree with Tim re: the blue on the arms and legs. The only other thought is that maybe instead of the “moon boots,” you could get the same silhouette from a very large turned-down cuff.

    But man, I like it a lot. I’d be really happy with this as the official costume.

  5. Done. I want this PG book now.

    I dig how chunky the boots are – those are the stompers of a chick that can freefall from orbit into the middle of a street fight and end the battle immediately.

  6. I like this design. It does read more formal wear than anything else. Something I’d expect to see in 18th century European aristocracy. I love the shoulder piece and the red strap going across the chest and the continuation of that theme on the belt.

    My only complaints are the blue areas on the arms and legs and the semi-fingerless gloves which don’t seem to fit very well. Maybe could safely lose the gloves and leave the blue on the arms and then remove the blue on legs? Also is that gold on the boot a zipper? Shouldn’t it go all the way up?

    Altogether though I really like the formal look and I love the reworking of the collar and bust line to something a little bit more realistic than a boobie-window. Good job.

  7. I really, really like this :) I agree that it could lose a little blue and instead of zippers I would have just used the same button pattern as on the gloves on the boots… but apart from that, it’s perfect.

  8. Lots to love here. The color scheme is largely great as is the “no muss, no fuss” look the redesign gives to PeeGee. I agree with some others that the boots and gloves seem a bit off (maybe it’s the clashing blue or their volume) but I do like the blue sections on the arms, legs, and chest.

    I know PeeGee doesn’t typically have an insignia but I wonder if this outfit wouldn’t benefit from one. Otherwise, I really like the belt and the shoulder piece (especially the similarities in the color and shape of the metal pieces). I’m lukewarm on the “cape” as it looks more like something that got caught in her shoulder piece but do feel like she needs something dangling in the wind.

    Overall, a great job.

  9. I really wanted to defend the blue, but I have to side with the majority that it’s not doing anything FOR the design, for all it’s not doing anything TO the design either. However, this is a great design, even with boot zippers. I can believe how it goes on. I can believe how it stays on. I like the neckline not completely removing the boob window. I hope I’m not the only person who kinda wants to see a house of El shield somewhere on this outfit, maybe on the shoulder ornament of her belt buckle, engraved into the metal.

  10. Adding leggings is an improvement over the boob-window version, but nothing else. The blue on the limbs doesn’t work; the boots are clunky; the “M” in the front is just weird; the gloves or gauntlets or whatever are ugly and functionless, and that cape, if there’s no uplifting breeze, is going to look like a dishrag. The design just doesn’t really come together.

  11. The only thing I don’t like about this one as a redesign are her boots. I’ve never been a fan of Mega Man-style boots. Aside from that, everything else is pretty nice. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of the boob window, if only because it’s the most hilariously blatant case of making a female character’s sole purpose sex appeal. It’s her trademark. Although I feel today’s superheroines should be given classier costumes, I also think Power Girl could keep her skimpy outfit to serve as sort of a reminder for why women in comics should be given more consideration as actual characters than just being used as eye candy for men. In a way, that boob window is the symbol of everything that’s wrong with the treatment of female characters in comics. Of course, I’m sure the guys over at DC could learn to see it that way too…

  12. The boots are too bulky/clunky, but other than that I think it’s a solid design. it remains tru to her classic stye but also nicely updates and modernizes it, without loosing the essence of the character.

  13. I love it. An office-appropriate cleavage level seems right for the character. For nitpicks, I’d like to see the boots at least a little more foot-shaped (not too much, just a bit), and I’m also not fully sold on the two-tone blue, with the extra blue over the elbows and knees, but that might just be me being fussy. It might be too much white without them, but I’d need to see it.

  14. Don’t care much about Power Girl (though I can understand why people are keen to redesign her costume, obviously) but this is a great design. Lovely drawing, too.

  15. I like the militarized uniform. Superhero comics are improved when they give off more of a fascistic/totalitarian vibe.

  16. Jeri: I like the militarized uniform. Superhero comics are improved when they give off more of a fascistic/totalitarian vibe.

    It’s called functional. I should also point out that I know of few armies in the world that are okay with a collar that scooping to show cleavage. This is actually very similar to her regular uniform, just with blue accents, pants and no boob window. Don’t try sarcasm unless you actually know the medium or character

  17. I like the cleavage instead of the Boob window. You know, I’m a fan of the leotard (but only on Kara, 95% of the heroines don’t make sense), but I like this one too; it feels like something she would wear

  18. This is a great design but for some reason I always prefer PG with either her arms or legs bare. Never both covered or in covered. I feel like it makes her look more muscular. PG should always have a bit more bulk than other female heroes

  19. Maki P: I like the cleavage instead of the Boob window. You know, I’m a fan of the leotard (but only on Kara, 95% of the heroines don’t make sense), but I like this one too; it feels like something she would wear

    Honestly, I want to take this the exact opposite way. I want more female heroines to rock the underwear style suit, but I want more heroes to rock that as well. Honestly, we should be pulling costume designs from wrestlers since that’s the big heroic silhouette these days. Let them just wear fancy underpants and shin gear. That would be a really equal society

  20. Oh my goodness yes. It’s familiar yet new, it’s unique, and it has personality. And it gives a nod to her bust without making cleavage her superhero symbol. It’s absolutely charming.

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