Reminder: Project: Rooftop Is Always Open For Submissions!

Note: Although we’re currently between redesign contests at the moment, P:R’s doors are always open to spotlight astounding and amazing redesigns of superheroes and super villains. Read our guidelines (which are linked in the above menu) and send your art in now. If our staff likes it, we’ll run it on the site! Here’s one cold submission, given to us by Eric Canete back in 2006! – Chris A.

10 comments to “Reminder: Project: Rooftop Is Always Open For Submissions!”
  1. Is that Ragman I see in the back?

    I love Ragman!

    We need a Ragman redesign contest even though he already has the best costume in the DCU.

  2. I love the Nightwing one, and that mask is awesome! The one I don’t recognize is the red person, and I’m unsure of that’s supposed to be a Kid Flash/Impluse since it seems to be female. I’m not getting the best vibes from the Beast Boy mainly because he looks more like a Imp Boy.

    At Luke: I’m more than certain that’s his Raven redesign if you are referring to the floating cloaked figure with red and gold accessories.

  3. No it’s not. I’m saying their superhero costumes are lame, because they are, as I said, very impractical and not very heroish. If you’re going to the beach, they’d be fine. But there’s a big difference between the way this artist drew the male superheros’ costumes and the way the girls’ are, and I think that’s stupid. Don’t tell me that a sheer, see-through toga with your nipples pointing out of it is a good idea when you’re fighting in hand-to-hand combat.

  4. That Raven in the back is quite good. Very unusual take on her, very cool. Those gold medallion chains make her look like she’s tied to the Phantom Stranger, but also give an impression of carrying a great weight. Fits the daughter of Trigon.

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