P:R Redesign: George Kambadais’ Sailor Moon and the Sailor Warriors!

Note: George Kambadais makes a much-loved return to P:R today, taking on Japan’s prominent super team — the Sailor Warriors. Although some might dismiss them under a glaze of “manga,” Sailor Moon and her sisters are a great set of characters who could give their American counterparts a run for their money. Kambadais streamlines their outfit, taking the schoolgirl outfit and modernized it the way American superheroes have modernized the strongman outfit from carnivals. – Chris Arrant

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  1. Wow, did never expect to see something like this on this site and even less expected to like it ;)
    Though I would think Uranus would feel far more comfortable in a male sailor uniform than in this very feminine one. Could even be a chance to add some modern zeitgeist to this franchise, having not to hide her sexual identity anymore.

  2. Bear: Evidently, boob windows are in this season.

    I thought the same thing, particularly with Venus, whose costume is rather impractical in that regard.

  3. I’m hating the boob windows and skin. It doesn’t have any super obvious crotch arrows, which I am thankful for, but streamlining does *not* mean less fabric.

  4. I’m not much of an anime fan, and I’ve never watched Sailor Moon before in my life. But if the show/comic/whatever looked more like this pulp sci-fi as opposed to ribbons and bows everywhere, I’d be far more inclined. Nicely done.

    As far as the overexposure of skin? I don’t think these designs need it. The contrast between the white suits and the skin tones is much lower on the main drawing, so I didn’t even notice that there were cutouts in the suit. Now that I see the individual drawings, I gotta say I prefer the full suits. But we are talking about anime characters, so I don’t think the skimpy outfits are really that out of place.

  5. Well you have to give the guy credit for doing something different with a different genre of comics than we’re used to. Most Sailor Moon redesigns focus more into the astrologic or romantic aspects of the mythos, so it’s nice to see someone play up the Planetary aspects by giving them a nice retro/sci-fi look. I love the flying flame on top of them. Is it a crown? A bow? or just a weird firefly that follows them?

    That being said, unless the goal was to create the magical girl version of The Green Lantern Corp, everything looks too uniform. That wouldn’t really be much of an issue, because the original costumes are essentially school uniforms. But with similar body types and no sense of different personality, it becomes an issue. Some of the scouts don’t even exhibit the same personality (I’ve never seen Uranus so…chipper). Perhaps the way to counter this would be to have different color schemes on the uniforms as opposed to just white/color.

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  7. Too many silly cutouts and Sailor Uranus looks too feminine. But I like the power flame idea, including the extra flame for Sailor Saturn. Also, Sailor Neptune’s outfit looks feminine in a physically possible way, and she is the most feminine and demure character IIRC.

  8. So refreshing that the comments on this are fairly unanimous, and there are no MRA weirdos in here giving anti-Hawkeye Initiative rants.

  9. Coming someone who grew up watching Sailor Moon, all I can say is……what the heck is that guy doing to Sailor Uranus?! Why has my favorite character been changed into such an abomination? The costumes don’t fit the characters’ individual personalities at all, and they actually look kinda tacky overall.

  10. Yeah, I have to agree with the people that dislike the random belly windows and boob holes. As if the original miniskirts weren’t suggestive enough, this is just really silly. I do like the way the underlying outfit for each character has a retro-futuristic vibe, but once I saw the designs with all the cut-outs…those really are distracting and needlessly sexual.

  11. I feel like this throws out the fundamental elements that made Sailor Moon what it is, like the SAILOR COLLAR. I don’t even mind the skin, the author of the series did much worse with some of the secondary character designs, but I feel like the author missed something essential to the characterization in designing these, just to look “badass”.

  12. I think Venus and Mars work; Jupiter would work if not for the cut-outs, same with Pluto. Amy, for the life of me I can’t see her wearing a boob-window. And Uranus…. actually it might work out if Haruna and Michiru switched costumes (and that’s still too femme for her, why can’t she have tights like Makoto?)

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