P:R Redesign: Dan Wood’s Ant-Man!

Note: Poor Hank Pym. A founding Avenger but eternally overlooked in the modern stories. Artist Dan Wood has dusted off the Ant-Man outfit and given it a modern-day science hero look, updating the helmet but also adding a mesmerizing backpack/wing kit that has a lot of possibilities. – Chris Arrant

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  1. BEST ANT-MAN EVER!!!! Classic but modern and futuristic. I really, really like this look and can totally see it for a movie, or a comic.

  2. Really awesome. The only thing I would change would be the eyes. They should be solid black, or glowing blue with LED lights. The wings look so amazing, I can already see all the possibilities of this guy in action!

  3. i’d change the boots, make the red leggings go to the foot but with the soles black rather than the silver/gray shown. make it sleeker.

    other than that i love it

  4. Well done. This is a great design all around. I want to see that backpack in action! Maybe longer antennae?..because..I like antennae!

  5. This is one of the most solid redesigns I’ve seen here lately. The backpack is so great, and the gloves and boots are very detailed without looking over-designed. The helmet could be different, at least the antennae, but it’s still very cool. I love everything about this. Great work, Mr. Wood!

  6. Something about this bugs me (get it?)…maybe I’m not accustom to perfection!

    And with a color change and small tweaks it could work for Yellow Jacket just as well. Stellar work.

  7. I think there are more positive reviews on this design than any other P:R design in recent memory that wasn’t a P:R challenge…hint hint Marvel.

  8. I see a lot of redesigns on this site but this is one of those occasions where I wish this was the new costume in the actual books.

  9. I can already see the red and blue spandex of the webslinger increasingly redundant… what with all those sci-fi web-shooters. No, just no Marvel .. make this guy come into the movies ..he’s the one you can actually go all spectacularly sci-fi with amazing body armor and fantastic superhero moments…! A character as insignificant(small) as Ant-Man can make a lotta difference…

    All things considered this costume is a must in the movies !

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