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  1. This is a classic “OF COURSE!!!” design. Why hasn’t the bat symbol/cape design been done before??? This looks amazing. Above that, the style is really cool. I love the boots and gloves. This still has a superhero feel while also looking like it could be worn by a real person. Great job!

  2. I think the reason the symbol isn’t typically bled into the cape has to do with how artists tend to want the cape to fall… over his shoulders for that more mysterious, menacing look. How Coran’s designed it here doesn’t really allow that.

    However, that said, the artwork and the aesthetic here is fantastic. Nice work!

  3. Another reason is that if you do that, then the cowl has to be a different shade than the cape -lighter, in this case- which, for me simply doesn’t work. I’ve worked on this idea sometimes and haven’t found a solution I’m happy with… yet. Anyway, the artwork is very nice and has a lot of personality. Great picture.

  4. Great design I especially love the look of the belt with what looks like some larger objects around the back obscured by the cape. I like the details around the side and back, but the boots and gloves both look a little out of place. The boots look borrowed from a motorcyclist and the gloves look a little too Arkham Asylum.

    The illustration is brilliant though. It sort of reminds me of The Tick, but in a good way.

  5. About the bat/cape thing: I just remembered it was successfully achieved by the extraordinary Norman Breyfogle in Batman: Holy Terror. To whoever doesn’t know about it, google it. It’s a visually amazing design despite a couple of practical issues that are way obscured by the overall striking coolness of the whole package.

  6. Oh, and sorry about the flooding but I can’t edit previous posts… just wanted to mention that I usually hate the double logo paradigm so prevalent in superhero design -the redundance of having a big logo in the chest area and then just clone it in the belt buckle always ticks me off. But it’s done so nicely there, I admit, that the redundance got lost on me at first, and that’s a good thing. I didn’t know Mr. Stone’s work prior to this day, but I’ll keep an eye on it from now on for sure.

  7. This is already in my faves at DA, really like the look of the non-cloak cape for a change. The whole thing gives him more of a silver age straight up superhero and less the creature of the night that we are used to seeing.

  8. The bat symbol leading into the cape is tricky, but I think it works here, in this color scheme. I’m not sure other artists/colorists could pull it off as well, but Mr. Stone really did an excellent job of it. The gloves do seem “borrowed” to a certain extent, but they’re more simplified than the Arkham games, so I don’t have a problem with them. The utility belt is really working for me too. I like that the yellow has been toned way down so it doesn’t stand out in a bad way or seem out of place. Also, the shoulder pads and stripes over his ribs are another testament to the artist’s coloring and ability to blend extra details in without it coming off as superfluous. I really like the choice to add a lighter grey on his sides. The only minor detail that could be omitted are the buckles on the boots. Although they match the larger buckles on his gloves I don’t think they’re necessary. Overall, this is a very nice job. I hope the next cinematic bat-suit takes a cue from the comics and incorporates grey fabric. It has always been sorely missed, by me at least, and I think it would allow the next Batman to be set apart as a new take on the character while helping to differentiate him from past incarnations.

  9. While the Batman here looks older, more of a “Dark Knight Returns” age, I feel like something along this design would’ve really worked when Dick Grayson took on the Batman persona. I felt like with the (incredibly short) time we had to explore the character, we missed the chance for him to take “Batman” and make it his own. I kept waiting for a new outfit. We got a new-ish Robin, the new villains, a new flying Bat-vehicle… But Dick looked like Bruce in the suit, and while I understood fulfilling the legacy respectfully, eventually he would’ve moved on. This, to me, feels very good for that.

  10. there’s soo much i love about this outfit. The cape works for me, although i understand the issue with how it drapes over the shoulders to make Batman scarier, but this version looks like a strictly business Batman, no theatrics, just solid beatings and agility. Also, i love the boots, they’re incredible effective if not a little bad ass with the minimalistic look of the outfit.

  11. This fixed a big problem I had with the current suit, in that the current suit is boring. They simply took his manties and replaced them with lines. There’s no real thought given to any of it. Superman’s design comes across as almost having a design void where his crotch is. They took something away without replacing it with something else. This replaces it. Those side stripes and the texture of his pants do a lot to make this batman look INTERESTING. And that belt, oh that belt is chunky, pouchy goodness. I love this a lot

  12. @Daniel: Yes, it is. I’m always drawn to the design part of the job, it’s one of the funniest aspects of it :). Thank you for remembering about me!

  13. I usually don’t like the capes that don’t close in the front, but this looks really cool. Even the shortness of it looks great somehow. I really like almost everything about the design, but I feel like the coloring could be a little different. Maybe it could be more like a single tone with the emblem being an outline? I don’t know. There’s just so many shades of grey going at once.

  14. Oscar Jimenez: @Daniel: Yes, it is. I’m always drawn to the design part of the job, it’s one of the funniest aspects of it :). Thank you for remembering about me!

    It’s an honor! I was a huge fan of your work. Fantastically fluid lines, perfect for the Flash. I always wondered what you moved on to next. Never did find out. Very nice to meet you and looking forward to hopefully seeing some of your submissions!

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