P:R Approved: Lee Gaston’s Captain Valiant!

Note: No, not the publisher — Captain Valiant. Webcomicker Lee Gaston has taken the public domain superhero Captain Valiant and given him a modern-day makeover under the simpler name of Valiant. Gaston’s modernized that 1944 design, losing the cape and some of the strong man stereotypes. While not perfect, I love the elements Gaston added such as the two-color scheme and the V emblazoned on the front of the mask while keeping the striped pants. – Chris Arrant

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  1. There’s a fairly large portion of the costume that isn’t even visible because of the shadows. Why do so many artists do that? If this is your big reveal of a new costume, let people see it. In this instance, I’m mainly frustrated because I can’t see the belt clasp. Even if it’s the coolest belt ever, though, this is a fairly generic design. The name and the stripe on the leg are the only elements he really maintained, so I don’t see any real reason to even identify it with the previous character.

    (I just went and checked out Gaston’s other Valiant drawings. It’s not the coolest belt ever.)

  2. I might have gone with a color other than red. Lots of heroes go with red-white. What about green? Gold?

  3. Have to agree with Jim. It’s as I’m mentioned before, recently in fact, these redesigns of all character don’t seem to keep the original character design in mind at all.

    This one could’ve easily done so with a few color tweaks and maybe an adjustment of the belt.

  4. I would have liked to see some blue and yellow in here drawing from the original and I could probably do with one V either on the chest or on the forehead, but both seems like logo overkill.

    I like the stripe on the leg (I assume it’s on both legs) and the overall scheme of the costume seems to be keeping with the original idea, it was a pretty bland starting point and this is much better.

  5. What Wayne said.

    Also, I wouldn’t exactly call that red, Shiner. It’s more of a wine or cognac, and you don’t see many heroes sporting that color. Honestly, the color is what sells me on this design. I love when modern artists take advantage of the expanded pallet available to them that past artists didn’t have as a option. Stepping outside of basic color schemes can be a good idea when redesigning a character like this, and I really think Mr. Gaston pulled it off magnificently. When it comes to superhero costume designs, often times there is a thin line between generic and iconic, and in my opinion the artist just managed to cross into the latter.

  6. I like it. My only gripe is, it reminds me too much of DC’s Vigilante, the 80’s version of it. Which is OK, as I loved that version of the Vigilante, but negates, for me, this design’s originality.

    But I like it anyway.

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