All-Ages All-Stars: Matthew Humphreys’ Wonder Woman!

Note: Superheroes aren’t for kids, except when they are. And DC’s Wonder Woman is tailor made for a kid-friendly rendition and Matthew Humphreys did just that. Mixing DC’s classic heroine with a little bit of Rumiko Takahashi and Bryan O’Malley, this Wonder Woman takes elements from her various costume and makes something unique, energetic and kick-ass. – Chris Arrant

8 comments to “All-Ages All-Stars: Matthew Humphreys’ Wonder Woman!”
  1. This is so cute! But I think it would be Diana’s everyday wear. And she would transform into her superhero outfit! Half Linda Carter Half Sailor Moon!

  2. Looks fantastic. My only suggestion would be to add another handle to the lasso so it looks like a jump rope.

  3. It’s a great design, but I really don’t think a flowing top would work for action scenes. There’s nothing keeping that from being blown up by the wind or something, or even just being tugged at. It works as a casual Wonder Woman, but definitely lacks a certain utility.

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