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  1. It’s nice, but it’s kind of generic. We’ve seen so many containment suits here with glowing circuits that they blend together. I feel like this lacks personality necessary to really sell it to me

  2. I really like this, a perfect direction for Electro to go. It could be refined a little, particularity the way the face is framed by the armor…it’s a bit too close to the Iron Man look for my tastes – and maybe tweak the hip/upper leg area. Otherwise this is awesome – better than the blue look anyway you slice it!

    I could even see the lighting bolts flowing off his face in a way that mimics the classic Electro mask … maybe not in every frame, but from time to time, possibly when he is really pissed or powering up or whatever.

  3. This is utterly fantastic. Up til this point, my favorite Electro was the Galloway design from the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon, but this nails it.

  4. it reminds me a bit of Black Manta, but it’s still pretty tight. he looks more menacing than the original or current one.

  5. It’s so so for me
    It’s generic,you can’t recognize the character and I miss the three lightinings on his head,plus Electro doesn’t need tech to use his powers so the tech costume is useless

  6. I agree with Edwin that this design is generic. It’s just not very memorable, but with a little work, I think it has potential. The color scheme matches his traditional costume, and I know a lot of people like that, but I really feel like his old mask, as cheesy as it is, is really his defining feature. I think the trick to redesigning this character is to find a way to incorporate the look of that mask while also giving it a fresh spin. The Ultimate series did a decent job by giving him scars that match the pattern, and DannyIndeed mentioned the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon in which Sean Galloway simply swapped the mask for actual bolts of electricity. I think my personal favorite costume for Electro would have to be the one he wore in Marvel Knights The Sensational Spider-Man. It was basically his original costume with slight tweaks, but the artist (I believe Terry Dodson was the designer but I could be wrong) got everything right. In that version, the flaps of the mask are scaled down a bit and they lie against his head until he starts using his powers, in which case they flare up.

  7. This is a very DC approach to Electro, the armour, tron lines, it all screams New 52. It’s not a bad design but as it was stated above, Electro doesn’t need tech to use his powers. This costume would work better for a different character IMO.

  8. I don’t mean to be a -beeeeeep-, but this looks to me like a Tron design with a swaped palette. If the title and depiction of the post weren’t there, I would’ve had to play 50 questions in order to find out just who’s suposed to be. The colors are right, tho, but those aren’t just enough to ring my bells. Maybe if the yellow thingies were lightning-shaped and the designs of the mask and face were less generic, we’d be up to something. I guess what I try to say sums up to: good idea, good art, bad -to me- execution.

  9. Ren Malone brings up a good point – I had forgotten about Dodson’s Electro. I did love that design as well, but only when the bolts were lying flat.

    Folks bring up good points about the iconic nature of Electro’s old suit. I get that, but despite being particularly unique, I wouldn’t necessarily call Electro’s classic look “good.” As for the tech-nature of this design, Electro has supplemented or enhanced his powers repeatedly with tech. Overall, this makes more sense to me than the standard “tights with lightning bolt suspenders” look.

  10. Electro is a clown, thus he wears a clown suit, hence his original duds. I really wouldn’t have him any other way, but I guess the scared look in The Gauntlet would suffice.

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