5 comments to “P:R Redesign: Thomas Fummo’s Magician From Mars!”
  1. I suppose Magician From Mars might be considered a precursor of DC’s Martian Manhunter. I really like this look, too.Very “Aladdin-ish” or “Arabian Nights-ish” with a hint of fun and sex appeal.

  2. While I think this is a very nice design, and I do really like it (My only problem it is the giant chest-hubcap, which I think if toned down would be fine) — I don’t think I’d have any hesitation picking up a comic with this character gracing the cover…

    I sort of like the original better…? Which is a first for me here at P:R…

    So B+ on design (-hubcap = A); But rename her and let me have the original too! ;-)

  3. Thanks guys :) It was hard to let the jaunty cap go, but by then I had this ‘sleek curving lines’ motif going on, and I decided to make the hat into a helmet that sort of looked like a feathered cap or turban, rather than actually being one. I concede that the sun emblem (or chest-hubcap as Erik so artfully puts it XD) may be a little big for some, but I just figured everything about this character should be kooky, fun and larger than life.
    Either way, as always really happy to be featured and thanks for the feedback! :)

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