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  1. The art is nice, and those clothes look good, but I honestly could hardly tell these characters apart, they all looked so similar, especially the ones who were blonde. It wasn’t until I say the character name tags that I was able to go back and see who they were.

  2. I think it’s pretty lame to label fashion-conscious young women with a pejorative term. I guess it’s one of those things where it’s cool so long as you are one yourself?

    Some ups and downs in the set, but generally nice drawings. Supergirl and Black Canary are especially good (at least in terms of outfits; Supergirl’s face sort of ruins that image for me).

  3. The art and colors are popping! Only changes I might make are Ivy’s shoes ( I see her as a sandal gal, and I confess I didn’t recognize her not being green. I thought she was Big Barda) and Power Girl’s spike-shoulder thingy. Just seems like a little too dangerous for a casual day. What if she goes clubbing and impales someone?

  4. The only one I don’t really get, even after figuring out who everyone was, is Zatanna. I can’t remember any instance where she wears street clothes – usually it’s the tux, fishnet stockings and top hat. Walking around in that would be pretty hipster already!
    That said, if Starfire had both sides of her head shaved and just went with a superlong mohawk, it’d be perfect.
    You know what? Just replace her with mohawk Storm. Nothing gets better than mohawk Storm.

  5. Hipsters suck, but these drawings are pretty cool. I like off duty looks that are all the way off duty, rather than a casual version of the hero costume.

  6. @Jim Gitman: Some people use “hipster” as a pejorative term, but that just means they don’t like the people in the group, or at least the think they don’t like them. Hipster-hatred became a popular meme, but the subculture continues. Besides, if you’re going to be that technical, maybe you shouldn’t be using “lame” as an insult, since physically disabled people might take offense.

    @Jamie: That’s good. They’re off-duty; recognizing them should be, if anything, MORE of a challenge than it is here.

    @Shiner: Ivy-with-green skin is newschool; she was fleshtoned for most of her existence. With you on the spiky thing, tho.

  7. @ Jamie: This seems like more of a failing on your part than the artist. Each character is given a distinct style, with clear visual cues to their identity. Furthermore, there is a diverse range of figures presented which provide another element to identifying each individual. Perhaps you need to brush up on your lore?

  8. I’m with anyone against Power Girl’s shoulder spikes. I’m iffy on Ivy’s spike heels. That said, these aren’t bad, if the faces are a wee bit generic. I have so much instant affection for Harley

  9. Fun art, but agree on the “wee bit generic” side. Not a lot of character shining through. Also, hipster girls seem to often be standing in line for a very crowded restroom.

  10. Just checked out Elizabeths Tumblr, some really nice work. Also digging her Green Lantern redesign!

    The spikes on Ivy work for me, like thorns right? Had it been a red spike against the green boot that would have been perfection mixed with the tone of her hair and corset/top.

    Great work, all in.

  11. I love these, they remind of a kind of ‘what if DC gave Lena Dunham the tools to create a superhero tv show.

  12. The art is nice but I don’t necessarily buy that the characters in question would actually dress like this in their off-hours, based on their established personalities (which, I’m assuming, is supposed to be the intent of the designs).

  13. Power Girl’s spike-shoulder thingy. Just seems like a little too dangerous for a casual day. What if she goes clubbing and impales someone?

    Then that would be stabbing, not clubbing. :)

  14. I don’t mind the more realistic proportions the characters are drawn in, but Power Girl and Starfire’s extremely high waist on their outfits make them both look really squat and stubby. That’s the problem with empire waists on body types of this kind. Poor PG looks like she hardly has a torso, and goes straight from breasts to legs. But overall, great job!

  15. Eh, most of them rub me the wrong way. Ivy looks like she’s going to pop out of her outfit if she takes a deep breath, most of them are wearing extremely cumbersome tripping hazards on their feet, and the one character who’s just walking straight is the one I was expecting to be rocking a wheelchair–the rest of them, as somebody said above, appear to be doing the Peepee Dance.

  16. Nice line work. Really terrific art style. Solid design work. Showcasing great designs like this on a site like P:R without the context of the characters’ respective environments takes away from what the artist has created. I wouldn’t have clued in that Zatanna & Batgirl were who they were without seeing the tags. However, if we saw them in the context of a Zatanna comic or Batgirl comic, then it would all fit.

  17. Broshears: It doesn’t have anything to do with me and my knowledge of lore and more with the artistic choices here.

    Rosco: Yeah, I can see how them not being recognized in civilian garb is a good nothing, but there’s nothing of the characters themselves that pop out at me.

    Barely anything about the characters themselves (and I am talking about their civilian personas, NOT their superhero persona) pop out at me and says “This is Karen, this is Harley, this is Starfire.” They all look really generic and reflect not a whole lot of their character. That’s my main criticism with this entry of artwork. It’s not bad, just generic, and as someone else pointed out, there is a bit of that Same Face thing going on.

  18. Nice fashion, but the faces are all way too generic. I know they’re not in their usual leotards/bikini outfits, but come on, we should be able to tell them apart just from their distinct personalities. Without that, they’re just random chicks. I like that the bodies aren’t all exactly the same type.

  19. Anyone else not understand harley first glance? I only realized it was her when i saw the tiny hammer on her bag. I suppose thats kinda the point, but im just saying. Im also with anyone who thought the faces all looked way similar. Not loving power girl’s shoulder thing, but ivy’s shoes are the bomb. Thorns anyone? No? … ok..

  20. I don’t read Dc comics but, I can identify these lovely ladies. I’m loving the Power Girl shoulder spikes(I have one myself!) I totally dig (get it?) the spikes on Poison Ivy. Even though they’re ‘off the clock’, the visual cues should clue you in to who these women are. (Just because you have a day off, doesn’t mean you have to let your guard down.)

    Elizabeth darling, I’m in love with your ‘Casually Dangerous’ Ladies!

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