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  1. Aw I love this! The cut of the short cape is brilliant, and it definitely looks like how Dick would make the Batman identity his own. I’d take away the blue faceplate (maybe it’s removable?)…but otherwise awesome!

  2. Definitely more Dick, than Batman! I always wished he had done more to seperate himself from Bruce, but I get the fact that he was trying to keep a visual aesthetic for the crime fighting purposes. Going darker than bruce in style wouldn’t have been true to himself. At the same time I really think he tried a little to hard to look like Bruce. I love this design though!

  3. It has more of a Batman: Beyond feel. That’s not a bad thing, because I think if you were creating Batman as a new character in 2013 he would look a lot more like Batman: Beyond than current Batman.

  4. I don’t understand why people like to make DickBatman’s (and no that’s not a attempt at insult batman) costume a mixture of his old duds and Bruce’s. The point of him being Batman is to make it seem like Batman is still around, a eternal symbol, and bringing in elements of his costume literally just screams to villains “No, this isn’t the real batman! It’s that bludhaven freak with the ass!”

    Proceeding onto the actual design, I feel the way the batons are being carried (although the hilts seem to imply swords now) is way too bulky for Dick, and doesn’t look very easy to sneak around with to begin with.

    The cape is actually a pretty good length for Mr.CapeHater, and it doesn’t seem like it would inhibit him very much.

    The covered mouth is a nice bit of logic, since it would make sense to cover up Dick’s mouth since he doesn’t look exactly like Bruce. (but that once again contradicts the Nightwing elements to begin with). On the ears and arm (shrapnel?claws?spines?), it’s a nice departure from the norm.

    I personally think the blue is way too bright for someone having to embrace such a legendary mastery of the dark, after all Batman is the “Dark Knight” not “The Knight with Bright Blue Bits”. A deep, less saturated blue might of worked better.

    My opinion may be biased anyway, since as I mentioned I’m not the biggest fan of NightBat

  5. interesting design. i like the cape, batman logo/armor plating, and the dual sword/nightstick sheath. i am not digging the cowl, mainly the way the ears jut out. but over all it’s a solid redesign

  6. I was just talking about how Dick Grayson is my favorite DC character…and THIS IS AWESOME!!! If I HAD to nitpick, it would be about the shape of the “ears”. If they were closer to the actual cowl ears, I think I would give it a 10/10.

  7. I like this. However, I feel like that cowl needs just a little bit more. I don’t know if it’s the ears or the eye triangles, but I feel like something about this is lacking something to take it to that perfect place. Mind you, to me, Batman should really look like a giant demon bat made real

  8. “We were the best, Richard. No matter what anyone thinks.” -Damian Wayne

  9. I don’t like that he wears a cape and also wears the swords(?) on his back. I really just don’t care for the weapons on his back at all really. Honestly, I don’t feel like this costume is creative enough. It just looks like Batman’s suit with Nightwing elements or vice versa, and it’s just too much of an even blend of the preexisting suits. If anything, I think it should lean more towards Batman’s style than Nightwing’s. Also, he should have the traditional ears.

  10. I wholly agree with Ragnorocker’s assessment in his first paragraph. I do like the design of it…just not for a continuation of the Batman.

  11. The cape looks amazing, but I’m not feeling what’s going on with the mask. If the idea is to hide Dick’s face because it’s not exactly the same as Bruce’s, I think going Batman-Beyond makes more sense. Yeah, just close off the face completely even if the material doesn’t really make any sense. It’s not like the cowl makes much sense with regard to real world materials anyway, ever notice that it’s usually supposed to be the same “piece” of material as the cape, but the movies always use a sculpted rubber mask?

    Also, Batman changes his costume sometimes. It’s allowed to happen, it doesn’t mean that it’s a different dude each time. Bruce himself has worn plenty of different designs, and each of his temporary replacements had variations that were at least a little different. And the Batman Beyond suit? Yeah, Terry wore it decades later and people figured out it wasn’t the same guy, but the suit was originally for Bruce in the cartoon and there’s no suggestion that his wearing that suit made people think the “new” Batman was actually someone else.

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