Last Call For Fan-Art Friday: Daredevil Entries!

Note: Today’s the day – the deadline for our Fan-Art Friday: Daredevil is today at 5pm Eastern time. Full details can be found on the original post, and we plan to showcase all the entries next Friday! As some last  minute inspiration, here’s Rafael Grampa‘s stunning rendition of Matt’s original costume. – Chris Arrant


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  1. What I love LOVE about this costume is that it looks so homemade.
    One of my favorite conceits in comics is characters’ first costumes being basically cobbled together from whatever they have at home.

  2. I’m not a fan of the yellow Daredevil, but this one looks great. I love the way it screams “boxer”.

  3. what i really love about this is that is gives a much needed bada$$ness to the original costume that it always lacked. it also makes lots of sense. here it is clearly an old school boxer’s outfit over sweats plus weaponry. the old comics (for many heroes) defaulted too often to costume boots, opera gloves, and accent color banana hammock without much regard to how and why that rarely made sense for an upstart vigilante. lone superheroes are essentially supposed to be one-man-armies, and when you dress them like ballerinas the audience loses something in the reading experience that we don’t always notice until someone reinterprets the costume like grampa did here – a little more realistic, functional, and organic. really nice piece.

  4. So much to love here. I didn’t realize the swirling lines are Matt’s heightened senses until reading Rafael’s site. I love when someone rethinks something I just take for granted. I also like the mustard yellow instead of the bright yellow of the original. Just a fantastic piece of art.

  5. This is one of the best drawings I’ve seen in a long time. I absolutely love it. The boxing references are perfect.

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