P:R Approved: “Hellfire Queens” Jam Piece!

Note: We’ve seen a group of artists turn in their own interpreations of favorite heroes, but never at P:R like this. W. Scott Forbes organized a gang of artists including Kris Anka, Saskia Gutekunst, Alina Urusov, Ricken, Rodin Esquejo and Forbes himself to put the top female members of the Hellfire Club in this Vanity Fair-style fashion illustration. Emma’s no stranger to sexy couture, but what about these other characters? – Chris A.

5 comments to “P:R Approved: “Hellfire Queens” Jam Piece!”
  1. DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! This is great, it makes me really want a Hellfire Club book, and not the snot nosed kids who are the current Club, the real HC. Maybe even a MAX title. That would rock.

  2. Selene and Emma are my favorites. Emma looks perfect, from her self-assured pose to her sweet boots, and I love Selene’s beautiful but vaguely goulash face and the choice to have her in a full gown. After seventeen thousand years, it makes sense that a merry widow wouldn’t seem all that rebellious to her.

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