All-Ages All-Stars: Peter V. Nguyen’s Robins!

Note: Peter V. Nguyen is rising up the ranks drawing comics at DC, and he’s got more talent than the comics page can hold. This illustration that Nguyen is offering for sale at conventions this year takes the various Robins through hisotry and creates some kid-sized takes on them. That Nightwing design takes the cake, followed closely by the Red Robin! – Chris A.

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  1. This was intended to be Damian Wayne taking the mantles of the different Batman sidekicks among history. Really good designs, and worth considering the concept of Bruce Wayne recruiting more than a single child to act as a small squad.

  2. Someone please make this a Elseworld series?
    It’s so 90’s it hurts in the best way.
    Picture it, a team of Damian clones , protecting Gotham from Teenage Villains!
    You know what, no, make this a frickin’ Cartoon!!!

    On a more serious design note,

    The Nightwing looks great, and really urban. I especially love the hidden beak in the mask. And I want those Night tops. For my theoretical kids, yeah, for them….

    The Red Hood one is really elegant in a kid friendly sort of way, and the silhouette is really fun.

    Red Robin literally begs to be in some kinda future time-line. Not Batman Beyond, maybe from where Bart is from? Cause those flight boots and jacket are too slick not to be.
    However, I feel the jacket and armor plating on the torso feels a bit too borrowed from one of Red Hood’s earlier get-ups.

    I can’t tell if the yellow caped one is supposed to be the Batgirl one? The lower half seems to invoke Cass in a sense, with the upper an earlier Barbara. The small squiggle behind the helmet confuses me (power cord?) and the belt seems like it needs more developing.

    I like the look of the Oracle helmet, and would love to see a full body suit.

  3. Holy shit, these are great. Color, scale, homage, every beat hits. I think they’re all strong but I’m particularly drawn to the red hood version.

  4. I remember seeing these on deviantart a while ago! These are great. I’ve always asked, with the plethora of sidekicks, how and why has there never been a BatBOY?! I think it could be a different dynamic. Hell, Damian being Bat’s legitimate son would make him a great candidate for Batboy.

  5. The Red Hood’s outfit reminds me a lot of the Red Hood from Jason Ho’s “Sons Of The Bat!” (PR/2012/11/14) as does the green-glowing head labelled “Oracle 2.0”.

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