P:R Approved: Craig Payne’s The Vision!

Note: I’ve been following UK artist Craig Payne‘s art for sometime, and when I discovered this great rendition of the android Avenger the Vision, I knew I had found something special. Payne’s kept the classic colors, but loosened up the costume from the chest up giving it a hooded and almost monk-like look. The redesigned gloves and legwear give him a more robotic look as well. And this is just my idle mind, but this also gives a very slight hint of the mutant-killing robot Nimrod. – Chris A.

7 comments to “P:R Approved: Craig Payne’s The Vision!”
  1. I think I like this but a different artist would have to tackle it for me to be sure. I’m digging his newest look over in A.I.

  2. There may be a few too many diamonds, and I think standard boots would serve this design better (thigh highs seem feminine, to me anyway) … BUT that being said – I really like this here Vision! The loose hood suggests a ghost which matches his phasing powers and the black is used in the perfectly.

    Good stuff

  3. Hang on a minute. The Vision’s skin is red, so those are cut-out panels on his chest, forearms, and knees? Even if they’re not supposed to be cut-outs, that’s certainly how they read, making the whole thing less monklike and more plain old goofy. I like the design in principle, but cut-out knees seems like kind of a no-go.

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