Fan-Art Friday: Daredevil!

Note: Daredevil may be blind, but even he could appreciate the vast array of submissions we received for our latest Fan-Art Friday. 62 artists from across the globe took their time to illustrate Marvel’s Man of Fear, ranging from faithful adaptations of his distinctive red garb to his original yellow-and-red combo, and even some more diverse redesigns of Matt Murdock’s work wear. We start things off with a piece by P:R comics fave Andy MacDonald who’s done extensive work for Marvel with his great action shot of Daredevil replete with some tweaked gear — love the helmet!. – Chris A.

Andy MacDonald

Larry King

Jess Levinson

JJ Murphy

Calvin Patimeteeporn

Kristopher Saudade

Kelyn Andrasko

Rick Vo

Abhirup Mozumdar

Luis Alejandro Perez Cobos

Don Edwards

Muideen Ogunmola

Anthony A. Farrar

Andy Manley

Wilbur Liang

Harald Stigare

David Hill, II

Bryan Williams

Dane Cypel

Eric Ways 

Olivier Leboissetier

Josh Lynch

Chad Lawrence

Jerry Ma

Jackson Edge

Nelson Hernandez

Ha Huy Hoang “Splendid River”

Tarun Padmakumar

Andy Rodriguez

Fred Gago

Patrice Martinez

Greg Schwartz

Joshua M. Allen

Elijah Richardson

Heather McNabb

Antoine Sinclair Moore

Joshua Walters

Tom Kelly

E. Andre Butler 

Chris Turcotte 

Luis Gaspardo

Craig Spence

Peter Bloem 

Antonio Sanciolo

Dennis Salvatier 

Brendan McGrath

Cary Polkovitz

Holden Leung 

John Cantrell

Andrei Nicolescu

Agustin Socas

Joe Lozanno

Luigi Iannelli

Charles Logan

Thomas Fummo

Randy Bishop

Kyle Tallant

Liam Alkamraikhi

William Oliveira

Daniel Fu

Nick Foster

Rami Sirote

27 comments to “Fan-Art Friday: Daredevil!”
  1. Damnnnnn- some of these are incredible. Nice work everyone- I really enjoy the fan art fridays. A few of my favorites: William Oliveira, Cary Polkovitz, Brendan McGrath, Dane Cypel, Andy MacDonald.

  2. Well worth the wait! Daredevil at his best. And I’m not really a fan of the character.
    What’s great about this Fan-Art Fridays is that I get to know of some amazing artists. This time I wish a site was available to see Randy Bishop’s work. Clearly my favourite of all these.
    Liam’s is a close second.
    Once again, it is great to see mine in here.

  3. I think all the art featured here is really good. Particularly loving the work of Andy McDonald, Ha Huy Hoang “Splendid River” , Randy Bishop, and Liam Alkamraikhi. Got to also mention Dane Cypel for his dynamic vertigo-inducing picture, it’s ambitious but he totally nailed it.

  4. There are too many good redesigns to list, but woah – Ha Huy Hoang’s is totally blowing me out of the water! Get that guy a deal with Marvel!

  5. Now that ice seen them all and let them digest, seeing ones that really stand out. Daniel Fu’s is pretty cool. Thomas, Randy of course. Agustin Socas, Chris tourkote, and Wilbur has a cool little scene. Nice stuff.

  6. I’m noticing a lot of asian influence on Daredevil’s designs in these. While they work, I feel like going in that direction with the character is odd. All fantastic though!

    Also add me to the Randy Bishop love, his design is superb and definitely stood out the most for me out of all of them.

  7. Really enjoyed the turnout here on this. Great variety of style.

    Evan: My sketch is completely a love letter to Rafael Grampa’s design. I’ve been enamored with his Daredevil since the first time I saw it. Have you seen his cover to Strange Tales II? His luchador influenced Cap and Wolverine are insane!

    Walka: Chalk one more name on that Randy Bishop love list. For my money he takes the cake on these. Simple and sleek with a fun style.

  8. Dane Cypel’s interpretation of Daredevil is awesome!

    Same thing with Jackson Edge’s. Daredevil is blind, so he doesn’t need eye holes. Very smart face mask concept.

    I like Nelson Hernandez’s, too. Daredevil would dress up like that on Halloween only.

    Tom Kelly’s is one bad motherf***ing! Tattoo designing – brilliant!

    Randy Bishop’s DD is what if Marvel created DD for the first time in the 80’s.

    I like William Oliveira’s due to classic poster-style.

  9. Sorry I’m late! An excellent turn out once again for the fantastic Fan-art Friday feature :)
    My favourites in no particular order are Nelson Hernandez, Ha Huy Hoang, Nick Foster, Luigi Ianelli and Chris Turcotte.

  10. I couldn’t find one I really disliked-all were amazing, especially the Asian-themed ones. One small question-for some reason McDonald’s looks small, like Kid Daredevil. I’m not sure why, maybe my eyes are malfunctioning. It’s still just as good as the others.

  11. Interesting stuff here, however, my favorites are the ones that retain the superhero look rather than the mercenary soldier look. Why do all redesigns look the same regardless of the character wearing them? Murdock would not wear armor… Light leather is enough armor for Dare Devil!

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