P:R Redesign: Kerwin Siméus’ Scorpion!

Note: Marvel’s Scorpion never looked so good. P:R newcomer Kerwin Siméus has taken Steve Ditko’s 1965 design and made it even better, changing the nondescript horizontal banding and made it a more cohesive design based on the animal form which the character takes his name. I particularly love the new logo on the chest, giving Mac Gargan an even more identifiable visual. And that stinger, oh man. – Chris A.

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  1. I love that the silhouette of the scorpion is reminiscent of Spidey’s own logo, but still works on it’s own. And that his chin is a stinger.

  2. I prefer the original. I always thought that it was fairly charming that the Scorpion used his tail to batter things (and even propelled himself like Tigger, if I’m remembering correctly), whereas this is a bit too on-the-nose. I’m also not too sure how the mandibles would work. Is that just a chin guard? Do they clamp onto things? Shock/stab/poison people?

    The mask is pretty cool, but not very original. Having one large lens over both eyes would have been an interesting look and would have also hearkened back to the original design.

  3. I love it. There’s never really been a Scorpion suit that I’ve liked. But seeing as how he was originally created specifically to go toe-to-toe with Spider-Man, I like how his logo and eye-covers pay homage to Spidey’s look.

    Regarding the mandibles, I doubt that they’re intended to “work” in any way. Just looks like a style element to me.

  4. Look great for a modern update of the costume. It kinda gives of an evil “Iron Fist” vibe to it.

  5. Something about the chin and scorp logo running down his neck doesn’t work for me. Def wouldn’t work going the other direction though, because then you’d have a scorpion tail for a crotch, which might actually be kinda rad but visually disturbing ;)

  6. That scorpion logo is missing a pair of legs. I only see three pairs and the pedipalp chelae (claws). Arachnids have four pairs of legs!

    Anyway, I like the idea of it, though it seems unfinished from the waist down. The torso has seam details, but the limbs have none (ignoring the light pencil marks, which seem to imply he was working on it). The chin guard also seems out of place with its different color scheme (and I don’t think it’s even a necessary accessory—it’s rather distracting).

  7. This is just AWESOME!!
    It’s perfect,I have nothing to say because it’s ready to become the official scorpion costume,I have never seen a Scorpion so cool,I love the symbol that recall Venom’s symbol.

  8. Wow, what an inspired design. I personally never cared about Scorpion, but this design makes me excited to learn more about him and see him in action.
    So clever how Kerwin wove in elements that reflect Scorpion’s nemesis. Kind of similar to how Venom and Carnage look like twisted versions of Spidey. For me, this makes Scorpion much more relevant and interesting, in that he is more cohesively tied to Spider-Man and his universe.
    I’m obsessed with the clever chest logo and striations on the shoulders which resemble the scorpion’s “legs”. And the subtle change in hue from head to toe :):)

  9. My only beef is with the mask, which is kind of generic. It’s missing a certain je ne se qua that would make it a great part of this suit. I think it’s the eyes, which are kind of boring compared to the dynamic awesomeness of the rest of the suit

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