P:R Approved: Kris Anka’s Brainiac!

Note: Kris Anka’s back, with this great redesign of Brainiac posted earlier this year on his tumblr. Anka excels at making each character look different — not just in the pattern of their costume but in additional elements like, for instance here, in his posture, bodyforms and most identifiably his neck. See below for Anka’s thoughts on the piece. – Chris A.

Kris Anka’s thoughts:

I’ve always loved the way the Gary Frank design for Brainiac looked like, and I really liked the idea of him being bigger than the average life form, but I’ve always had a problem with certain high-concept characters looking really human. It was always a personal thorn in my side that such a terrifying galactic-threat super computer just looked like a green human. So this was my attempt (one which I don’t feel I was too successful with) to take the visual elements from Frank’s design and take the human element out of the design. My thinking would be that Brainiac would basically be just a moving tentacle, or wall fixture or something, and Limbs or tentacles would only come out when it needed to.

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  1. Didn’t they eventually give The Brain (Doom Patrol villain) retractable limbs? If so, this seems a bit too similar in concept.

  2. @

    Dedpool: Not a bad idea or design, but it looks like the Superman TAS version mixed with the gary Frank version, mixed with the current version.

    I agree.

  3. The idea that arms or legs would only be deployed in circumstances which needed them is interesting.

    And actually, the way the tiny stunted-looking arms are folded and locked down into the main body reminds me very strongly of Leto II from Dune, in his giant worm-body where his human appendages have evolved from disuse into little more than small digited flippers. So it sells the “beyond-human” aspect of Brainiac super well to me.

    And that pharaoh chin-spike that makes him look like a sarcophagus is an interesting way to make the closed-up body seem more restraining and intentional than just looking like someone chopped his arms and legs off.

    The only thing that sort of bothers me is the asymmetry of the pink Tron-lines on the torso. For someone whose sole ambition is collecting fragments of worlds to catalogue and organize them neatly, it seems a little inconsistent.

  4. I read this yesterday and then I had a dream last night about a robot thingie sprouting limbs and running after people …. It was terrifying!!! Thanks for the Nightmare!!!!!

  5. I think this is a design we’d need to see over several panels. Pillar now, then with arm, then ambulatory, and so on.

  6. Ren Malone: I can’t say I care for this one. I don’t think Anka took it far enough in the direction of being less human and more alien.

    I’m with you here. It’s chock full of awesome ideas, but he didn’t take them far enough. He should look MORE like a sarcophogus or wall fixture; full of right angles and ports where he connects back in.

    I’d love to see a version that can actually connect to various, alien exosuits to illustrate the different worlds he’s assimilated

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