P:R Approved: Craig Payne’s Dynamo!

Note: Public domain characters are welcome ground for open and dramatic reinterpretations of their visage, and Craig Payne did just that in this refashioning of the 1940s’ Fox character Dynamo. Although it might seem drastically different from his standard garb, if you read the origin of the research scientist Jim Andrews and follow through on that through a modern lens you could really see Payne’s vision being true to that core. Love the generator-looking chest emblem as well! – Chris A.

3 comments to “P:R Approved: Craig Payne’s Dynamo!”
  1. Wowsers, great to see a more obscure redesign. Really like what was done with the gloves, boots and helmet. The overall design improves on the original but still manages to give him a more classic look, it would work really good for a silver age style revival of the character.

  2. This is a striking design in terms of the colors and elements, but a bit too much of a Flash/Iron Man amalgamation.

    Perhaps just a gold, silver, and black design, and make the helmet, gauntlets, and boots a bit less sleek and more pulp-tech/weird science in looks?

  3. Love the colors. The gauntlets and chest emblem are really neat. I know why the lightning bolts are on the ears, but it calls to mind the Flash, and then super speed, so those might need to be considered. But overall, I dig it.

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