P:R Approved: Lamario Taylor’s Mysterio!

Note: As of  late we’ve been finding a number of great villain redesigns, and we’re all for it. Today’s redesign by Lamario Taylor takes on one of Spider-man’s most misunderstood villains, Mysterio. Created as part of a larger fan-fiction concept of a series entitled The Unusual Spider-Man which you can see on his DeviantArt account, this rendition of Mysterio stood out for it’s succinctness and just plain creepiness. I just imagine those ephemeral skull heads floating around in that face all day long. The logo on the chest is something special too. – Chris A.

9 comments to “P:R Approved: Lamario Taylor’s Mysterio!”
  1. I like it. Has a bit of flair of the past non fishbowl versions, but I like the ghsotly skulls there instead of a ghostly face or no face at all. Also like the eye motif throught the suit. That said, it needs the cape. It adds to the mysterious/scary/evil look.

  2. The colors are nice and the layout is good without seeming superfluous. Although I like the eyes on his shoulders or collar, the artist really made it work as one chest symbol. I’ll always prefer the fishbowl head, but admittedly it’s mostly due to nostalgia. I’m not sure I understand the significance of the rosary.

  3. I can’t get over how cool that misty helmet thing is. The only way to make it better would be to add a cape.

  4. I don’t really love the backstory, but this is a really cool look. I only wish it looked more overtly mystical, what we have here looks more like what Mysterio would be wearing when Spidey reveals him as a fraud, rather than the master of faux-mysticism that we know and love.

    Also I have to say, The Unusual Spider-Man is a really killer title for this dude’s project, it’s very evocative of the character’s place in the Marvel Universe.

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