All-Ages All-Stars: Peter James Maggs’ Doctor Strange in “Strange School Days!”

Note: Kids… they can be a handful. Now imagine a precocious Stephen Strange and a host of other would-be warlocks in a New England boarding school. That’s what artist Peter James Maggs has done in this imaginative redesign/reimagination. “The thought was what if little Stevie Strange had found the Eye of Agamotto in his younger years while attending a boarding school,” Maggs explains to P:R. “Wong and Clea are is best friends, who help him learn the powers of what he has found. Barry Mordo is his rival, who gets mixed up with the dark powers of magic in a bid to best Stevie. Mephisto is in disguise in the typical evil headmaster role.” Sold! – Chris A.

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  1. After Harry Potter, anything following this formula feels derivative to me. I’m sorry, but if I were an editor, I’d reject this outright for fear of this just coming off as bandwagon jumping. Young Dr. Strange is interesting, but this isn’t it

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