P:R Redesign: Domenic Neziti’s Fantastic Four!

Note: The Fantastic Four are really living up to that description in this great redesign by P:R first-timer Domenic Neziti. This Italian artist really lit up our inbox when this came in, taking the Richards clan and giving them a working-class retrofit over their stereotypical skintight duds. The standout to this is the use of the roman numeral “IV” on this — done to excellent effect on the Thing particularly — but there’s a lot to like about Domenic’s work, and we hope to see more of it. – Chris A.

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  1. I’m not a fan of the juxtaposition of the futuristic top and the old fashioned pants. It just doesn’t flow IMO.

    I like the idea of the roman numeral 4 (although the arm band is one too many), but without seeing the bottom bar it just looks more like ‘TV’…as in television.

    I’d like to see a version without the baggy pants, using a more legible IV (4) – it could be a great look for the FF.

  2. Cool! Mixes “Adventurer” with “SuperHero!” rather well. I could see resistance towards the unique pants, but I always love button overlaps, so I can’t complain.

  3. NICE!!! One of the best and most original re-imagings of the foursome ever!! I love the Roman-Numeral. And the Painted on IV on The Thing is a great touch, one I liked in the last FF cartoon as well. Also some interesting design choices there too.

  4. There is a lot to like here. The addition of gear belts, and realistic clothing with realistic pockets make sense for adventurers and researchers (my fave take on the team). I like the addition of brown to the uniform for the same reason. The IV symbol is great, though I would tweak it either left or right, right now it seems offset almost by accident rather than intentionally. I am not totally sold on the pants, I don’t 100% understand how they work, and they look a little awkward. They do seem to be based on real clothing, which I like. An interesting design overall, and rendered very well to boot.

  5. This…is awesome ! I could possibly do without Thing with the gloves,but other then that these are very fun vibrant designs.

  6. I like it! It’s a fresh take on the design that fits the whole “scientist/adventurer” with a mix of sci-fi archaeologist thrown in. I especially enjoy the Roman numerals on the torso that factor into the overall design of the shirt as opposed to just being a logo.

  7. I’m Italian and I want to say Domenico “COMPLIMENTI BRAVO” for this publication at international level.
    Sayd that I don’t like very much this redesign,the caki trousers are a punch in the eye with the blue shirts and I can’t understand if this is a FF’s steampunk version or just a graphic choice.
    The pieces simply don’t match together,the up is the classic “bodypainted” super hero uniform and the down is a steampunk,working class trousers,the uniforms would be cooler if up and down would be the same,or all blue superhero or all kaki working class.

  8. Ok, I like the idea of the pants with more traditional FF shirts. Don’t care for the emblem, especially on Ben. It would be better off moved to the belt buckle. I also wonder how Johnny shoots flames out of his hands with fireproof gloves?

  9. While I recognized the Roman numeral IV immediately, that was contingent on me knowing that these are the Fantastic Four. Without that realization (say, if these were the substitute Fantastic Four comprised of Crystal, Medusa, She-Hulk and Spider-Man), the logo reads as “TV” to me. I love the snazzy pants though, and I feel that this look is more super heroic than Alejandro Bruzzese‘s similar and winning entry.

  10. Not really feeling these. The roman numeral 4 emblem doesn’t really “read” clearly as a design element (and having Ben paint his on his chest comes across as forced). And the superhero costume shirts/gloves/boots and cargo pants combo just seems too incongruous. And I’m not sure what’s going on with the giant 4-rivet flap on the from of their pants

  11. I’ve used a similar idea in my submission for Project Rooftop’s Fantastic Four contest, but not as successfully as Domenic. Excellent work. The “IV” reads a bit like “TV”, though, but it could be corrected.

  12. I like most of this, though as has been pointed out, the logo is a bit unclear. I like the idea of the pants but the’re too bulky for me, especially on Mister Fantastic, you’ve gotta figure that if his clothing stretches with him it’d be tighter fitting.

  13. I think the belt is the bottom bar, but you can only really see that w/Ben.
    also, if Johnny’s pants don’t ‘flame on,’ what does it look like when Sue goes invisible?

  14. I feel like I should love this, but I don’t. The styling of the pants turns me off, and I still can’t really enjoy cocky young Johnny when I consider how his character has grown. Too many focus on the Johnny Storm they remember, but few try and work with the man he became

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