P:R Redesign: Tom Martin’s Daredevil!

Note: As classic as that Wally Wood design from 1964 is, this Daredevil redesign by Tom Martin is very enticing. I like how Martin didn’t mess with what works, and instead just amped up the costume by giving it two red tones and making the mask more of a helmet. Almost wanted to see it be a helmet with no eye-holes since Matt Murdock can’t see, but then again — his villains don’t know that! – Chris A.

10 comments to “P:R Redesign: Tom Martin’s Daredevil!”
  1. Kind of hard to get a real read on the design in that pose. But from what we can see, it looks a lot like DC’s Guardian with shades of red swapped out for gold and blue; and the knuckle studs make it look like he’s wearing Wolverine’s gloves. It’s a nice design in and of itself, but it doesn’t really project “Daredevil” to me.

  2. It’s different, but not too different. I would have no problem with Matt wearing this costume in regular continuity. I like that the artist didn’t go too overboard in redesigning the character. It would be nice to see a view of the chest.

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