P:R Approved: Ron Salas’ Batman!

Note: When people ask who Batman is, most people jump up and say ‘Bruce Wayne;’ I was in that camp  as well, but after the great time Dick Grayson had in the role I have some apprehension when saying who Batman is anymore. Anyway, artist Ron Salas has revealed this great redesign of Batman as if Grayson was under the mask. I like how the bat-symbol here echoes Grayson’s previous guise of Nightwing, and those eyes and more ear-like ears are pretty haunting. – Chris A.

Here’s what Salas said about the design:

This is essentially a costume that I think Dick Grayson would wear if ever Bruce really did meet his end. It started because it bugged me that Batman’s costumes lately sported big-eyed masks like Spider-man. I wanted to build a design that sported tiny eyes and big ears that would give Dick a kind of “radar sense” if you will. Helmet is armored and so are his arm braces. The rest of his costume is made of a highly durable fabric that is slightly resistant to temperatures, fire, knives, and bullets. The gloves and “boots” have clawed toes to more efficiently scale tall structures and improve fighting capability. These are retractable. The cape is shorter, starting from his shoulders and ending at his calves. It is split down the middle as in Batman Year 100. It is also made of highly durable fabric.

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  1. This is one of the best redesigns I’ve seen. I love Dick as Bats and I think this fits him perfectly…..EXCEPT for the boot claws. I’m glad they are retractable.

  2. Lots to like here. The logo looks great. The full-face coverage would definitely do more to protect his identity and having some more tech in the cowl/helmet is a plus for my vision of Batman. I also like the durable material nod and that it’s not full-body armor.

    Aside from the logo, I do wonder if it’s too monotone. I’m hesitant to recommend mirroring the light blue of the logo in the trunks but more of that blue or a third color may help break up the monotony a bit.

    Overall, great step forward for Grayson.

  3. and different and unique take on the old familiar look. i love the head/cowl portion of the design but the clawed feet just aren’t working for me. and i can’t help feeling as if the lighter build of the suit, reduced cape, and clawed gloves makes the design feel as much like the black panther as it does batman. but still a fun redesign.

  4. Woah! I LOVE this look. I think it’s a fantastic design.

    That said, the claws seem to be a departure from the ethos of the Bat-family and their traditional style of gadgets, weaponry and combat style (apart from Catwoman, who Dick doesn’t take after). They’ve been more about acrobatics, martial artists and fist-fighting, not the Wolverine slashing animalistic type. And though I appreciate the intense menace achieved in this take (we are talking about Batman here, meant to strike fear), perhaps it’s a tad too cold, dark or sinister for a character like Dick (?) Batman can look menacing and intimidating (a la BTAS) without veering into creepy.

    Now, I guess what’s potentially cool though is that this take could coincide with a shift or evolution of Dick’s character, serving as a visual parallel to that development. I’d be all about exploring that. In that sense, this design is brilliant!
    But apart from that, it’s hard to see this used in current continuity.

    At any rate, I love the creativity, cohesiveness, boldness and execution here.

  5. Perhaps if the boots and gloves were a shade between the blue of the logo and the black of the rest of the costume?

  6. It’s much too dark for Dick Grayson, and as others have said, the claws on the feet don’t really work for me. I really like the lines around the shoulders and how they work around the chest emblem; same with the mask. I think a little tweaking of the utility belt could help it look more cohesive with the rest of the suit as well.

  7. Pretty much all of my opinions are similar to everyone else’s, but I have to say, I absolutely ADORE that mask.

  8. If Grayson did permanently became Batman, his outfit would probably look more like the Batman Beyond costume. I can say I like the eyes/facial structure but the cape, and talons… Not so much.

  9. Y’all don’t know what you’re talking about. This is spectacular. Batman should always look like a big demon-bat. I think Dick would have so much fun skuling about, ready to scream boo at some thug in an alley. However, I feel like it could use a bit more color to make it dynamic, and if he has a split cape, it needs to be able to be clipped onto his forearms so he looks even more like a skulking bat creature coming out of the shadows

    As for the class, I think they’re more for effect than combat. They add just another level of creepy and climbing practicality. He doesn’t have Bruce’s natural ability to be intimidating, so he’s going to pull out all the stops

    All I want for this is an evil fanged grin in the mask and to imagine him laughing in the darkness to reduce criminals to a hysterical mess

  10. Love the mask and overall look. Especially the ears and the coloring. The claws just aren’t doing it for me. Mostly the foot ones, as Batman has been depicted with claws on his gloves in the past. If you ask me this looks like something Damian would’ve worn as Batman. An homage to everything including his first mentor Dick, his Father Bruce, and even a little to Ra’s with the demon motif. I could definitely see.gov in this as an adult.

  11. I like the execution on the more animal-like costume, but a few classic elements are clashing for me. The big stylized emblem on the chest seems really out of place. I almost want to say that it’s not even necessary to have an emblem at all this time (blasphemy, I know), but if so, rather than trying scream “THIS IS NIGHTWING” at us, I think it should be more subtle or even nearly invisible. The belt also seems really out of place. It’s calling way too much attention to itself even though it is a more subdued hue than Batman’s belt sometimes is. Yeah, Batman needs a place to keep his toys, but maybe it would work better being the same color as his suit? Incidentally, I love the ears, especially the way they imply a more realistical animal ear, while still maintaining the same sort of “rabbit ear” shape we’re used to.

    I also love the enclosed mouth area and claws. I first saw those things in animation, in Batman Beyond and The Batman respectively, and I never understood why they didn’t catch on with the character overall. Sure, closing the mouth area changes an iconic look, but what it does better is turn every image of Batman into more of a perfect silhouette, and I find that image of the Bat much more interesting. I want Batman to be the character who you barely see skulking up behind a bad guy, only being able to make out his outline, and making his mouth the same color as his suit encourages this idea. It pushes the idea of Batman as something more supernatural or sinister, because it eliminates the window into his humanity. It’s such a strange choice for a window too; if part of the human character should be seen through the costume, why the mouth and not the eyes? And as for the claws? Again, they’re monstrous, beautiful, but yet still have offensive potential and harken back to his totem animal. If Catwoman can have retractable claws, why can’t Batman? Perhaps we could say they’re scifi claws that give him some limited wallcrawling-like ability.

    I’m not sure what to think about the cape though. I usually love the cape to drape over the front, but that wouldn’t really fit with the more animal-like design. But you know what would? If the cape was attached to the arms of the suit. That could be cool, and if he ever wanted the cape to drape in the front like some other suits, he could cross his arms– like a real bat may to close it’s wings over it’s body. The glider aspect of the cape might also be a little more plausible if we presume that it works more like the real-world flying squirrel suits for skydiving and less like the unrealistic magic fabric introduced in Batman Begins. I guess the cape isn’t bad as-is though, if I were to see this suit in animation or on a page, I certainly wouldn’t be complaining about it; I’d just be so jazzed to see the great animal elements worked in.

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