P:R Approved: Erik Larsen’s Cardiac!

Note: Erik Larsen doesn’t get enough respect for his work at Marvel; case in point, this excellent original design for the character Cardiac that he introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man #342 in 1990. Cardiac’s design was a great piece of work, bringing to mind the classic work of Jack Kirby but also bringing in Larsen’s own thoughts. Employing the heart-line in a costume design is a hard thing to do, but Larsen really was an over-achiever in making it non-trivial but iconic. – Chris A.

8 comments to “P:R Approved: Erik Larsen’s Cardiac!”
  1. I always liked Erik Larsen’s style. He’s guilty of everything that was wrong with 90’s design, but still made it dynamic and incredibly fun. Like an improbably mash-up between the Silver Age and the Dark Age.

    That being said, I never like masks that have mouths. Makes no sense to me. Even the Batman Beyond costume bugs me a little on this count.

  2. Have to agree with @Jim Gitman. The first thing I noticed was the plunging crotch arrow leading right to the giant codpiece. I do think the heartline was handled pretty well, though I didn’t read it as a heartline myself.

  3. @ Kyushu Miyamoto and Jim Gitman

    Cardiac’s latest appearance in Superior Spider-Man fixes your guys’ criticisms of the suit. The plunging neckline now ends at his abs and the codpiece is gone. It looks good with only some minor tweaks done to it.


  4. I don’t like masks with mouths either…unless Larsen is doing them. Something about the way he just has the nose disappear and the brow protrude is really appealing in a kind of body horror way. Like Giffen’s Ambush Bug or Bret Blevins doing Sleepwalker.

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