P:R Redesign: Johan’s Black Canary & The Huntress!

Note: Although they may not be getting the love they deserve in comics these days, Birds of Prey alums Black Canary and the Huntress are getting their due in this redesign by Johan. The Black Canary in particular is some great work, taking her trademark fishnets and reworking the rest in a sleek but stylish outfit that would look great in a superhero fight and in a nightclub — or even a superhero fight in a nightclub! That hair is something too, bringing to mind Jamie McKelvie’s epic hairstyle pullback on his Captain Marvel redesign. – Chris A.

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  1. Cool, I’m really likin’ that Huntress. I can make safe prediction on what people’s reaction to BC’s zippers would be but I like them.

  2. This is the rare Black Canary redesign I’ve ever liked, with the one caveat the jacket looks too bulky at the top, with the cumbersome looking collar. But overall it works to show off the character’s athletic form while still looking practical for close combat-Dinah cuts an impressive and no-nonsense figure here.

    The Huntress image seems to overplay the Catholic/Clerical angle a bit too much, unless the concept behind the character has changed as well (note: I prefer the Helena Bertinelli pre-Nu52 version), whereas it really is just part of the Huntress’ background. I think a bit more color would help, and the cape just looks a bit tacked on. Anything that forgoes the belly-shirt is a huge step up of course, and the mask works very well to make her come off as tough and determined. All in all a very impressive piece of work.

  3. These designs are incredible– and NOTE, movie studios- this is how you make designs that work on film while staying true to the books.

  4. I really like the Huntress redesign, but the collar on Canary looks ridiculous! It’s so big and impractical, it’d really be a huge liability is a fight. Lose the collar and these are great!

  5. I feel like Black Canary’s collar is way too top-heavy for her having basically nothing on from the hips down. If the bottom of the design had more weight, the collar would be a nifty touch. (Has anybody done a Black Canary design that puts the fishnets on her arms instead of her legs? I keep feeling like that could be a cool look — and it would keep the iconic touch, while still allowing her to wear pants. :-P )

    I dig the gloves on Huntress, and the way the chest emblem gives her upper body some detail, without creating any unfortunate shapes.

  6. The white piping on both is great and the mini cape/ jacket on Huntress is a nice touch. I’m usually not fan of fishnets but Canary’s excellent biker jacket and the gloves balance out the nets enough for me to be into it. Great job!

  7. Both of these are pretty excellent. In fact, I’d say that’s the best Huntress design I’ve ever seen. However, I’m reminded of that classic fashion advice about taking off one accessory before leaving the house. The Huntress’ cape seems a bit tacked on – not really a shape that adds menace or function. And while I like the zipper pockets at BC’s shoulders, the ones at the back of the wrists and along the hands don’t make any sense to me. I’m a big fan of the bulky collar, though.

  8. These are amazing! Love the Huntress’ look! It’s classic, but functional, sexy, but not revealing. Same with Black Canry, though her legs are still exposed the suit looks functional. I can see pants thrown over the fishnets during colder seasons., and a hood for her costume as well.

  9. Huntress looks awesome. I especially love the short hair and sleek mask, instead of her shoulder-length mane and huge tacky face-cover. But it doesn’t seem like the cape goes with the rest of this ultra-practical costume.

    Black Canary, less so. That huge collar looks bulky and ridiculous, which would make it hard for her during hand-to-hand combat. The piping is great. The fishnets seem incongruous. It looks like the author tried hard to make everything look cool and practical, but then got lazy, shrugged his shoulders, and tacked on the super uncomfortable and not-fight-appropriate fishnets. And they go up past her hips – is she supposed to be wearing a full-body fishnet? Ouch. At least her hair’s up in a pony-tail.

  10. I love the heads.Canary’s hair seems sleek but still sexy, and Huntress’ feels tactical and functional, but still fashionable. Her mask also seems really solid, which is a great plus, for some reason it reminds me a lot of the contours of the TDKR Catwoman mask.

    With Canary, I can see why people are complaining about the collar, but I don’t think it’s high enough to actually cause any real combat troubles, and since the Canary is a rather compact bird, it does invoke it’s thicker neck. For the rest of suit, it doesn’t seem to invoke Canary. Yeah, it’s biker and sleek, but there’s nothing else. It could be pasted on any bike using lady hero, and no one would blink an eye. I mean, you could commend it in that sense for being a use-all design, but at the same time, it looks more like it’s for show than for function. This is idea is even more evident in the inclusion of just plain lookin’ fish-nets.

    At least recently in the comics they show their structure has function and is useful for her career. But here, it just seems like Canary’s first night on the town, trying to invoke a style more than function. Boot wise, at least they made it match the jacket-tard. It would have been nice to not have just the inner lining be canary yellow. It would have been a nice flash of color if the soles of the boots had been that color. On the thought of color pop, something that might have made the suit more Canary based, canary yellow zippers. Or that just looks better in my head and would look garish in reality.

    For Huntress, the design I love most out of this duo, is great. The texture on the shoulders and knees scream she is there to be deadly in function. The white H is a cool way to give the thugs something easier to identify towards persona –wise (if I was a thug, and saw the original one single white line setup, I woulda just called to my fellow lackeys “Hey! Watch out for The Catholic Crossbow!” before gettin’ a foot to my head).

    I like the short gloves, only because they seem more bruiser-ish, and sorta gives her an intimidation vibe. I am saddened the artist chose escrima stick over crossbow, only because the escrima stick seems so dull. I question why her boots didn’t continue the white piping design, but the armor and padding is fun regardless. Finally, on the cape, it would have seemed more solid if it appeared to be connected directly to the shoulder pads, and followed the white piping. Right now it seems more connected to her neck, and that just seems dangerous for biking.

  11. Love how well suited each outfit is to the character’s personality.

    Both costumes look like they’d survive the translation to live action pretty well.

  12. This drawing was originally for a challenge when Superhero of the Month was up and running. This was one of my favorites, and it came close to winning the challenge. The collar is as wide as it is because it turns into a hood, which isn’t shown in this image. Hopefully that helps.

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