P:R Approved: Adam Fisher’s MASS EFFECT Batman!

Note: This piece is a little old, but it’s new to me — and I imagine many of you. Video game artist Adam Fisher loves Batman, and loves Mass Effect — so what else can he do but try to put the Dark Knight into that world? Created for the 2011 Comicon Challenge contest, this design really blends both worlds together with Fisher thinking of absolutely everything. – Chris A.

13 comments to “P:R Approved: Adam Fisher’s MASS EFFECT Batman!”
  1. THAT is too freaking cool! I want more videogame/comic mash-ups NOW!!!

    The best part about this? take out the glowing blues and this suit could easily be the new movie suit!!

  2. I’d pay in virgin sacrifices for this as a DLC skin in either of the games.

    Only real complaint is that the elbow armor looks a lil’ flimsy.

    That’s literally it, congrats friend you just won the internet.

  3. It’s a great start for sure, and a universe and character I love. Doesn’t really read independently as Mass Effect to me unfortunately. It makes me think about the submission guidelines for PR contests, something along the lines of: don’t bother putting the characters name in the image, b/c if it doesn’t read… Super cool Bats suit though. Pushing the ME language especially in the collar area, and radial nature of the ears and back of helmet, not to mention visor elements would be a good starting place.

  4. i never thought about it before seeing this design, but in the top shot you can see that he has a huge jagged scar on his upper lip and cheek. what if someone messed up batman’s face below the cowl line like that? bruce wayne would be totally f—ed. he’d have to get rid of bruce altogether and only exist as batman, and wouldn’t that necessarily drive him to revenge against the man that effectively killed bruce wayne and destroyed his only escape from the bat? even if he were to justify killing the person who scarred him as a way of “handling the situation” allowing him to return to his guise as wayne, he’d have to break his no kill rule, and with a man as unstable as bruce, could he stop himself once he started? i think i just wrote the pitch for “breaking bat”.

    I would absolutely love this get-up in the context of a Batman game or a Mass Effect game. I think it’s really telling how well it combines the two that, minus the cape and cowl, it absolutely feels like Mass Effect armor. The shaping of the cowl is particularly suggestive of the full helmets in the series, as well. This is fantastic, I’d love to see more of these designs for other characters. Considering I already always color my armor either for Nightwing or the classic X-Men blue and yellow, I’d love to see a design for those that isn’t limited by the options in-game.

  6. I would totally be OK with this as the new movie suit. It’s clean, simple, and looks tough.

    @ dave-o, that would be an interesting predicament for Bruce. It would be good justification for DC if they ever decided to go with a completely covered-face look for Bats. It could be the back-story for the beyond mask. Bruce would have to start sporting a beard.

  7. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. I simply love it. You kept it soft and light, but still frightening. The blue lights, very subtle, add a special something. It’s well thought, well done, it’s beautiful.

  8. I would like some more contrast between the greys and the blacks. Other than that, this costume is awesome.

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