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  1. Love this! It should have a scrambler style tailpipe though, for stygian crossings and what not. The top image made me think that perha

  2. Wow, such mixed feelings on this one.

    I love the look of the 1st one. The colors just work for me. I’m…intrigued by all of it.

    The second one I am okay with the design, but the colors frustrate me? It feels…soft?

    So where am I really confused with my feelings? I want to see a lot of art focused around the 1st design. But I wouldn’t buy the comic. How can I like this so much, but wouldn’t even consider reading the 1st issue?

    …if this were an anime I’d watch it.

    *shrugs* glad I got to see this!

  3. neat, really like the departure from the leather demon biker look. On the second one, the bike emblem and the stylized skull on the coat make me think Punisher rather than Ghost Rider.

  4. Cool way of updating the look of the Biker aspect of Rider, more street dirt bike lookin’ than classic black and leather Biker.

  5. There is so much personality here to love. I can honestly say that while Erik might not read this, I would definitely give this some love

  6. This totally holds up and its not just completely black, I freakin love it!

    That’s probably the thing I liked least about Ghost Rider over the years is that he was either all black or all blue and just wasn’t very interesting from a visual standpoint, to me anyway. I’m mean sure his head was a ball of flaming skull, but the rest of his design just left me impartial to the character. I can relate (as a biker) to this character more, its more dynamic and interesting.

    I’m seriously super in love with this right now, I would love a statue or action figure version of this and might have to make one actually cuz I like it so much :D

  7. I like the costume designs in general, although I think using the darker color scheme of the first with the actual design of the second would produce a better result than either. But the bikes seem a bit too low-key. I’m not a motorcycle aficionado, but from a layman’s perspective, they don’t really project “hellspawned vengeance demon” to me.

  8. Playing off Eric’s comments, yeah, mixed feelings but mostly positive. They’re solid designs overall, and I think the extra stylized skull on the first one is a smart choice. They’re kinda busy for traditional animation, but I could see it working well in a cg Tron capacity, especially w/ those really cylindrical simplified forms. Totally want to see this guy in some action poses!

  9. MrHarryJ: Am I the only one who sees “What if Marty McFly became Ghost Rider?” in the first image?

    My thoughts exactly. Mind you, these weren’t negative thoughts. Ireally love both of these pieces of art. I’d read a one shot with either of these guys, but like kalorama says pretty succinctly – not getting “hellspawned vengeance demon” off of these, so I’m not sure how long the charm would last. That being said, it’s tough to recall the last time a Ghost Rider series of any sort had long-running charm. Sigh.

  10. The second design doesn’t do much for me, but the first is a great modern interpretation of the character. It’s immediately more interesting to me than any past version of the character I’ve seen, except maybe for Trent Kaniuga’s Ghost Rider. I love the colors of the first, but I don’t understand the color choices for the second at all.

  11. Instantly loved the first one. The second one looks like, “What if Punisher and Ghost Rider had a daughter?”

    Back to the first, I’m glad he ditched the black leather biker look, for a more modern feel. The black leather look is way past it’s prime, and is a bit dated. That, and I reeaaally don’t like heroes in black leather.

  12. Wow! I love love love these. Imagine how great a more light hearted ghost rider would be. And this style fits the bill. Both designs as well as the art style just exude personality and attitude often missing from most ghost rider art. I love the modern take on the character and the bike.

  13. I’ll be honest, Ghost Rider has always been kind of boring uninteresting character to me, but seeing these I IMMEDIATELY want to read a book featuring either of these character designs. So much personality. Great job.

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