P:R Approved: Nate Hallinan’s Medieval X-Men!

Note: What if the X-Men weren’t born in the the Marvel Age but in the Medieval Age? That’s what artist Nate Hallinan answers in this stunning series of designs and illustrations re imagining the X-Men as the Order of X. Visit his website for more. – Chris A.



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  1. Oh wow. I love these. Prof X is my fav. I can picture him as a lord who is fixed to his throne. WolverUne is also great coz most people are tempted to make him always look hot (me included). But the fact that you made him less appealing i great. It stays true to the original look of the character as well!

  2. I’ve been following Nate Hallinan’s Order of the X project ever since discovering it on The Dork Review’s blog ( http://thedorkreview.blogspot.com/2013/08/robs-room-order-of-x-by-nate-hallinan.html ). While it’s great that Project: Rooftop is covering this, I feel the posts here are barely scratching the surface just by posting the WIP character models. Nate has completed all 8 proposed characters and in stunning detail. The artwork is simply beautiful and highly imaginative. He even made bios for each character that offers a look into the world Lord Xavier and the Order of the X live in (he’s even hinted at the Blackbird being in there but as a completely new creature). You can find out more by clicking on the link below.


    If you’re on Facebook or DeviantArt, look Nate up and offer a kind comment on his work. This is one of those fan projects that I wish their respected company would pick up and made a graphic novel or series about. I look forward to see how the villains from the X-Men universe fit into this fantasy setting.

  3. Every drawing is so imaginative and perfect. Not only do these transitions to medieval archetypes look really cool, they actually fit the individual characters. It’s almost impossible to pick favorites, but mine would have to be Nightcrawler – he’s rocking a badass Assassin’s Creed vibe. Storm as a mystic is great too. But really, they all tell a vivid story.

  4. Most of these are good, especially the name “Stormbringer”. But “Wolve’Rune” made me groan so hard that I threw up.

  5. Ok we have here too much awesomeness to just comment it.
    It’s fantastic,one of the most wonderful medieval port of superheroes I ever seen,they’re cool,they recognizable at look and they’re realistic!
    I’s like to watch some D&D illustriations but with the X-MEN,every x-men is perfect for his role and I love Wolverine portrayed as a dwarf and storm portrayed as a priest.
    Can’t wait for Magneto as black knight and Kitty as thief.
    Oh and the style is awesome too,they’re really a piece of art.

  6. Just fantastic. These transported me right back to the wonder of dreaming up X-Men adventures in junior high. They are simply outstanding. While I haven’t bought an X-Men book in more than five years, I’d buy this limited series in a heartbeat.


  7. Nice to see that other people seem to remember that Wolverine is short and squat.
    I would pay all my money to go back in time and replace Hugh Jackman with Peter Dinklage. Or a young Danny DeVito

  8. its awesome!! but only two things i didnt like! first beast is portrayed as some jungle man!! i mean look at his costume! hes a scholar! a scientist! and he wear a costume like that??

    secondly wolverine is looking like a midget! WTF?? he served the army in both the world wars! and i guess they dont recruit a guy who looks like 4′ 10″.

    but overall its a nice imagination.These are just my views! :D

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  10. Please read the comic books instead than watching movies before talk.
    Wolverine is short,but it was portrayed by a tall actor in movies.
    Go on the author personal website and look at the color picture of Beast,he’s portrayed in a library with a book in his hand.
    Oh and Wolve’rune is a dwarf,not a midget.

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