P:R Approved: Greig Rapson’s Robin!

Note: The Batcave has to have a closet straight out of Clueless; but if I had my way, I’d add one more for Alfred to take care of with this great design by Greig Rapson. Done for Dustin Nguyen’s DeviantArt Batman contest, Rapson’s Robin is fully functional and ready to roll!  – Chris A.

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  1. Fantastic concept… Love the electrostatic cape and how it’s activated. Well-thought out pseudo-scientific application (bat-plication?).

    The designs and colorations are great, as well.

    Except for the briefs. Are we back to briefs? They don’t make sense on the outside of tights, do they?

  2. This is really cool looking. I especially like how the batarangs make it look like he has wings/fins on the back of his legs. My only question is: no Robin “R” logo?

  3. love it all. great attention to detail -batarangs in the boots! it’s unique and new but instantly recognizable as robin. my only problem is the extra diamond shape in the mask between the eyes. it’s unnecessary and makes him look like he’s wearing nerd glasses with black tape holding them together.

  4. This outfit is a little too functional for my taste, but it’s hard to fault it for that. I definitely think he needs to get some gloves that won’t let him leave fingerprints at every crime scene, and although the gliding suit is cool, I prefer the traditional cape. He should have an insignia too. I love the batarang holsters though and the art is great. I think this is the second time we’ve seen a depiction of Robin battling Clayface on this sight, and now that’s all I want to see in a future Batman movie.

  5. I quite like the overall vibe of this design.
    I agree with the confusion with the briefs and the gloves. It’s obviously there to break up the red, but I think if the section from the belt to the top strap of the leg pouches would have worked fine, and that little bit of red between the knee blacks would have broken up the black.

    I think the sneakers add a nice “is a superhero but doesn’t want to wear boots yet” feel for him, since kids usually do wanna stick with what they feel comfortable in (in this case, not Batboots). Going up a bit, the batrang holsters are a great nod to the pixie shoe fins of the olden Robins.

    I’m actually fine with him not having a cape, since it takes years of training to properly move and fight with one (and I always hated how Robin always seemed to get taken advantage of in combat due to his cape).
    First glance I didn’t really like the “flying squirrel” setup for this flight bits, but once I saw him from the back view with it I was able to catch a rather sparrow-like contour within it.

    Mask-wise I can’t really complain, it looks like a stylized bird face. Which is actually what I think is the reasoning behind him not having a big ol’ R over his heart, is that he looks bird-like enough to take a guess.
    Though personally I would have added the R down on the buckle, just so that poor Tim ( I’m presuming this is Tim since in his first animated form he was rather clean of any green pallet) doesn’t get called “Sparrow-Lad” or ” Finch-Boy”.

  6. Only real complaint is, tie them shoes. Who goes out crime fighting with their shoes un-tied? Do you want to trip? It’s jarring with such a practical take on the Robin suit.

  7. If this were something drawn in a “realistic” superhero comics style, this design would be way too clunky and overdone. But for a cartoony approach like this, it’s pretty nice. But, honestly, I think the rendering of Clayface is the best part of the whole thing.

    @Daniel Fu: The same goes for the trunks. Rendered in standard superhero style they look silly. But for the exaggerated leg lengths and squat torsos that Greg uses her, they not only make sense, they’re pretty much necessary.

  8. Briefs are great. They provide an extra layer on an outfit that is pretty tight. (If you think someone could get boxers or even tighty whiteys in one of those outfits, you’re drunk) so your bits aren’t just sort of jostling around. On top of that, they allow for a pretty good way of separating the color balance of an outfit. We make fun, but they are seriously functional

  9. I love the idea of the flying squirrel skin, but I don’t think it fits Robin at all. He’s ostensibly named for a bird (although the meta namesake is actually Robin Hood…), so he should have “wings”. I love the wings on the modern Red Robin, incidentally, but a solid cape design can effectively imply wings very well too.

    Everything else is fine here though. I actually like the idea of trying to do Robin without an emblem, particularly since his R insignia kind of clashes with the design choices of literally EVERYONE ELSE in the Bat-family. Even the Red Robin insignia seems a little weird considering the company he keeps. I would say that only Nightwing has managed to come up with an insignia that “fits in” but yet isn’t a bat of one kind or another.

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