Fan-Art Friday: Cyclops!

Note: Cyclops sees the world through rose-tinted glasses (okay, ruby quartz!), but if he were to visit Project: Rooftop he’d know without a shadow of a doubt the fans he has. Fan-Art Friday: Cyclops had a great assortment of submissions from P:R Regulars to first timers, and it’s interesting to see those who simply did illustrations of Slim’s various garb and those who went experimental. Also — people seem to want to see Cyclops with a single eye. I wonder why…. just kidding. – Chris A.

Andrei Nicolescu

Jason Garrett

Paul Reinwand

Mike Doherty

Alex Mitchell

Larry King

Ha Huy Hoang “Splendid River”

Keith Byrne

Daniel Olsén

Giovanni Guida

Callum Lucas

Dmitry Pavlovsky

Derick Runtz

William Oliveira

Sebastian von Buchwald

Agustin Socas

Peter Bloem

Randy Bishop

Tim Thompson

Jingo M. de la Rosa

Austin Bantel

Georg Pils

Nigel Lowrey

Roberto Santiago Miranda

Thomas Fummo

Rich Trask

Cary Polkovitz

Tom Kelly

Emmanuel Francisco Atienza

John Cantrell

Seb Threemileisland

Joe Lozanno

Edward Michael Atienza

Tony Aros

Tarun Padmakumar

Ricardo Rubio

Richard Poihega

David “Euvari” Johnson

Daniel Fu

Andre Cui

Holden Leung

Steven Taylor

Dane Cypel

E Andre Butler

Andy MacDonald

Ryan Cicak

Rami Sirote

Chris Purdin

Alejandro Bruzzese

Demetrius Felder

Kevin Kearney

Earl Womack

Fred Gago

Ben Bishop

Bob Al-Greene

Antonio Sanciolo

John DeCampos

Kelyn Andrasko

Eric Ways

Nelson Hernandez

Javey Villones

Andy Rodriguez

Don Edwards

Joey Mason

Richard Nichols

Ben Corey

Christian Pearson

D.C. Stuelpner

Amati Samatict

Nick Wali

Andy Frederick

Sertan Saral

Tom Brazelton

Mark Bello

31 comments to “Fan-Art Friday: Cyclops!”
  1. So many great new takes on the visor…love them all. If I had to pick one – Andy Rodriguez did my fav out of this collection.

    good stuff

  2. Some short comments on the entries that stood out to me the most:

    Derrick Runtz’ Daft Cyclops is pretty awesome.

    Randy Bishop’s inclusion of a cloak works surprisingly well.

    Thomas Fummo’s entry is amazing. Out of all of these, that’s the one I’d like to see used in the comics.

    Rich Trask’s design looks as though Cyclops was endowed with the cosmic powers of Captain Universe, which I love.

    Richard Poihega’s entry is fantastic. There’s nothing I don’t like about it.

    He’s definitely his son’s father in Andy MacDonald’s entry.

    I really like Alejandro Bruzzese’s version of the costume, but the color scheme makes Cyclops look like Avalanche.

    The visor that Demetrius Felder designed is a nice practical/militaristic approach. It really gives Scott a ‘Splinter Cell’ appearance.

    Judging solely by the art, Ben Bishop’s illustration is my favorite.

    I love the concept Nelson Hernandez chose for his entry.

    Aside from the visor, I think Andy Rodriguez’s design is my favorite. It’s simple, Scott looks both preppy and ready for combat, which is a tough balance, and it could even translate easily to film. It has a strong Star Trek vibe, but I like it.

    I don’t understand the inclusion of a knife in Christian Pearson’s entry, but the costume itself is a nice update of the look from the 90’s.

    I have a soft spot for older B-grade sci-fi, and D.C. Stuelpner’s tribute to that genre is a welcome addition here.

    The boots in Amati Samatict’s design don’t really fit, but I like the rest; especially the ‘X’ in the torso. It’s nothing new, but it’s hard to go wrong with such a simple look.

    Andy Frederick’s version of the visor is probably my favorite.

  3. Wow! These are all so great. I’d actually like to draw a fanart of some of the original designs too! Next time I’ll try to submit to the next Fan-art Friday. Excellent job to all the artists.

  4. As usual, a fantastic collection of art :) Congrats to everyone! I think Santiago Miranda’s, Felder’s, Bruzzese’s and Frederick’s are my personal favourites, each for their very original/interesting take on the cyclopean visor design. Other stand-outs here are Splendid River, Trask, Cantrell, Padmakumar and MacDonald.

  5. My favourites this time are Andrei Nicolescu (wonderful pop-art style poster there), Sebastian von Buchwald, Randy Bishop , Edward Michael Atienza, Andy MacDonald, Joey Mason, and Amati Samatict (awesome cover, and funny too).

  6. Two important comments need to be made.

    Jingo M. de la Rosa turns in the piece of the event. Awesome job! With big shout outs to Larry King and Daniel Fu turning in great pieces as well.

    …and I see you Rob. You can’t post under the fake name of E Andre Butler and expect us to not call you on it! (You missed a prime opportunity to place a boulder in front of his feet…)

  7. My favorite has to be Andy MacDonald, I want to read that story!!! So many nice pieces submitted, I love the classic X-Factor-esque costume by Joey Mason, and the intense feeling from Edward Michael Atienza’s piece. Very nice!!!

  8. Well, I have egg all over my face. While writing out my initial post I associated the name of the artist with the picture it was closest too (name above picture) while it is in fact the opposite. And thus, I am a fool. Sorry to anyone I mistakenly addressed in my 1st post.

    I loved: Austin Bantel — I felt like it captured the version of Scott that I’ll always have in my head best.
    I also really Enjoyed: Ha Huy Hoang “Splendid River” and Andre Cui — the style reads as both fun and energetic to me. I also like how Hoang’s has sort of the classic Alex “thrust” in it.

    But Andy MacDonald…you should be both proud and ashamed of yourself. I know everyone “gets” it. But….I don’t want to. I want to never remember that someone pays that man (still) to draw. And design. *sigh* You did a great job capturing…”it”. In all it’s un-glory.

    And Ben Bishop, while I like the piece, I see we’ve moved on from Crotch arrows to crotch phoenixes…?

  9. John Cantrell’s… No one even comes close.
    You can see where he’s been, what he’s gone through, and see the connection in the costume. You can see the image he’s going for and how he’s embraced his destiny.
    Amazing job.

  10. Have to confess, I wasn’t expecting much out of this. Cyclops used to be a favorite of mine but he has never had much going on visually (at least to me). Was glad to be wrong and pleasantly surprised by a lot of these.

    Overall it’s a great batch with the following standing out either for bringing something new and interesting or for just being great drawings.

    Nice ideas from:
    Santiago Miranda

    Nice visuals from:
    Von Buchwald

    Congrats to all!

  11. If I can respond specifically to erik for a second here (in regards to andy’s piece)…
    I see the “rob” influence in all the pads and guns, but the art style itself has a much more scottie young vibe. Its the first time I’ve ever seen cyclops and thought “hey, that’s Cable’s dad.” I applaud Andy for having fun with the continuity and making it viable for a new age in comics. It is by far my favorite piece for this theme. And its hands down better than anything liefeld has ever drawn.

    That being said its great to see so many entries. There are several really strong pieces here. Good work everyone.

  12. Wow some good stuff here. I like the ones that chose to go in a bit of a new direction with this character.

    Nick Wali I like your color choices and how you have the headgear.

    John DeCampos your’s looks a bit futuristic which is cool.

    Mike Doherty Like the jacket on him.

    Ben Bishop a combination with the Phoenix Cyclops very nice.

    Daniel Fu like the clothing a good looking suit.

  13. We have lots of great redesigns in here,a lot of art indeed.
    My favorites are Ha Huy Hoang “Splendid River”,Tom Kelly,Richard Poihega and Andy Frederick .GREAT JOB GUYS!

    My only doubt is why there are so many entries of people who has just drawed the official costumes of Cyclops,this site should be about RE-design,everyone is good to draw an hero in his official costume but to redesign it needs fantasy and imagination.
    So for my point of view the publication of people who just drawed Cyclops in his official costume whitout force themselves to imagine a new one is just unfair.

  14. I appreciate Tarun Padmakumar’s idea of the halo visor. And always find it surprising when convergent design occurs… I think Agustin Socas has the same idea…

    Although I didn’t outline my thought process, the outfit I designed employs the same idea, but using ruby quartz fiberoptics to redirect his optic blast from his visor to other parts of his suit.

    That said, nice work, everyone! I think straight-up fan art, is fine, because it calls out the suit designs that people like. For the Fan Art competitions, I don’t think Project Rooftop necessarily asks for new outfit designs… They like calling out existing designs they like, as well, and I think that’s what the fan artists that don’t do a fresh design are probably doing.

  15. In, a somewhat delayed, response to Mr. Josh Lynch — while the actual drawing style may not mimic the oh-so-terrible R.L. (I agree, this is better than anything he’s ever done); I don’t think it’s the job of the Father to take after the visual stylings of the son.

    My comments were not meant as ridicule towards Andy’s piece. Frankly, I think he made very intelligent choices to create a piece that is invested with humor.

    If this piece were serious, which I don’t believe it is, I would respond differently. “Slim” couldn’t carry all that stuff without collapsing. Why would our ruby visored friend resort to firing any of those guns unless he was attempting to slay (one of) his brother(s)? You can’t even tell what half that crap is, and I want to see how it’s all affixed to his back. While an elaborate usage of velcro may work, it certainly wouldn’t allow Scott to draw any of it quickly (that too was sarcasm). Although, in a pinch, there is that random katana stuck back there (I bet it’s double bladed in an ode to Shatterstar, the “1st” 3rd Summers brother).

    Again, I chuckled — and I appreciate the stylings as well as the humor, but best piece of the bunch? I respectfully disagree.

    That doesn’t keep me from wanting to see more Andy, in this style or any other you care to portray your next piece(s) in!

  16. I don’t think Fan-Art Fridays require entrants to force themselves to imagine a new costume. As I understand it, this column presents characters that have undergone an official redesign, and P:R wants to see how people render that design. The blurb on the first Fan-Art Friday says: Fan-Art Friday is a new weekly feature at P:R, where artists pay tribute to fantastic official superhero redesigns with illustrations of their own.

    I’d say people who specifically drew Cyclops’s Marvel NOW! costume are more in keeping with the theme of the column than the rest. I didn’t notice anyone submitting wholesale redesigns to Fan-Art Friday until last year’s Lois Lane Fan-Art Friday. My own submission here is just a remix, creating something familiar out of old bits (Simonson, Cassaday, Bachalo, and the original color scheme).

    Ren Malone: The boots in Amati Samatict’s design don’t really fit, …

    Thanks for the critique. I’ll admit I had no clue what to do with his boots. I’ll see about updating it to something more cohesive with the rest of the design.

    R. Nichols: awesome cover, and funny too

    I’m glad the self-deprecating humor carried across.

    Nelson Hernandez: Andy Frederick, Amati Samatict, Earl Womack, John Cantrell , & Augustin Socas are really doing it for me.

    I’m relieved that my simplistic distillation of the X-uniform has an audience (of three, rofl).

  17. I forgot to mention which entries piqued my interest:

    Paul Reinwand — I love the quality of his lines. The thread and zipper details really draw my attention. The jacket in general is so well done, as is the gloved hand.

    Alex Mitchell — I love his color work. I’m just not feeling the lack of sleeves on his top. I don’t know if it’s the cut of it, or the lack of sleeves overall.

    Larry King — The helm intrigues me, but I don’t know that the rest of the outfit supports the design.

    Ha Huy Hoang “Splendid River” — I always enjoy the energy of his drawings. I just wish the lighting and the pose didn’t obscure the costume so much.

    Daniel Olsén — I like his drawing style a lot, and many of his design decisions appeal to me. The hood seems superfluous in this outfit though.

    Agustin Socas — I like the suit details, though it’s a bit low-contrast. I also like the stumpy pencil quality of his line work. Though I like the concept of the 360º visor, I’m not feeling its implementation in any of the submissions here.

    Randy Bishop — The concept is good, but the geometric yellow pattern on his torso doesn’t seem to flow well with the loose gloves and billowing hooded cape. His drawing style really sells the image though.

    Roberto Santiago Miranda — Love the style, and I think the costume works because of his style. I don’t know how well anyone else could draw that outfit and make it still look cool.

    Rich Trask — Same critique as with Miranda: I love the drawing style so much that the costume works here. However, I don’t know that other people can make an all-yellow lower-half work well. It just feels very blank below the waist (maybe some blue spats to continue what’s happening with the gauntlets?).

    Tom Kelly — The design intrigues me because of how ominous it looks. The proportions are very Metroid.

    John Cantrell — I like the concept, though I don’t know that it feels like Scott Summers. It’s feeling more like Zero.

    Edward Michael Atienza — I like his painterly style and usage of the X-Men: First Class uniform.

    Richard Poihega — That X vest is really dapper. This is likely my favorite of the submissions. The drawing style on top of the character design just really appeals to my aesthetic.

    E Andre Butler — Good start, but it needs refinement. I like it as a rough concept, and with some work it could make a good outfit.

    Andy MacDonald — I enjoy the sense of humor and the drawing style. I don’t like the costume though, rofl! I know it’s farcical, but ugghhh…

    Chris Purdin — The drawing style delights me. I just wish he chose the other color schemes: blue and white for Cyke, yellow and red for Jean, and yellow and brown for Beast. Those were my favorite ones as a kid! XD

    Alejandro Bruzzese — I’m a big fan of his drawing style, and I like the collar on this jacket as well as that block of red on the left side. I’m not feeling the helm or the diamond visor though.

    Demetrius Felder — Probably my second favorite of the bunch. I wish the bodysuit was more thought out, but that head gear is awesome.

    Fred Gago — I just realized that I’m favoring the designs that lean towards tactical gear … so unsurprisingly this one’s my third favorite rofl! I’m preferring the goggles’ design over the helm’s. Maybe if the yellow and blue areas of the helm were shaped differently it would fit in with the rest of the design better.

    Ben Bishop — I like the drawing style. I thought it was Coipel at first glance.

    Nelson Hernandez — I like the graphic design concept of it.

    Andy Rodriguez — Gonna echo Ren Malone’s sentiments: don’t like the visor, but that outfit is a good update to Quitely’s under layers (the gray, ribbed sweater thingies they wore under their lettermen jackets).

    Don Edward — I like the outfit, but it doesn’t feel like Cyke. I can see that hoodie being sold at the school store, though, next to the Quitely letterman jacket.

    Joey Mason — That’s a nice callout to my favorite Cyclops costume.

    Andy Frederick — I like the visor. It’s a very X Games type of sporty.

    Tom Brazelton — This reminds me of Gort, mixed in with some Snake Eyes. The lower half reminds me of horse jockeys and safari jodhpurs. It’s an interesting pastiche of unrelated items (maybe I’m drawn to it because it’s baffling).

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