P:R Approved: R.J. Thompson’s Poison Ivy!

Note: There’s more than one way to wear a plant! Seriously though, DC’s Poison Ivy has sometimes fallen short in the costuming department but R.J. Thompson is battling that with this great revision on the bad Doctor Isley. Making her red locks look like creeping vines is somewhat menacing and cool at the same time, and taking the bold step of making her African-American is surprising and refreshing. – Chris A.

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  1. It’s a pretty nice piece, but she looks more like a dryad or nymph from a fantasy story than a super villain. I think I could get behind the design if not for the pointed ears.

  2. Poison Ivy has always been one of the few women in comics that can wear extremely revealing outfits without actually offending. I can certainly see how some people might be offended by her lack of clothes, but I’ve never had a problem with it because it fits the character. As for this design, I like everything except the pointy ears. The darker skin tone really works in her favor by creating a more exotic appearance, which seems appropriate for this character, and the light-green freckles are a nice touch too.

  3. I like the hair, the loose pants, the boots and arms.. it’s a very organic, yet coherent feel. I think it edges a little much cheesecakey with the bulb-cover on breasts; I’d think a tube top on under the green (Probably in paler green, or white) would keep the sexy without being too sexualized. Other than that, wonderful revamp.

  4. As much as I love it, it’s a little hit and miss at the moment. The colour palette and the texture of her hair already demonstrate her abilities and her connection to nature. The elf ears simply take the design to a level she doesn’t necessarily need to go. It becomes a little too on the nose.

    My other gripe, and this is just my own personal fashion sense talking here, are the pants. Loose pants don’t really say “seductive” or “sexy” to me, and for a character whose M.O is all about using her sexuality as a weapon, thats something I can’t really reconcile with. Ivy is one of the few characters in comics who can get away with wearing revealing outfits because it suits her character so well. I simply see her wearing something a little more form fitting is all.

    Aside from that, its a great design.

  5. Scary and functional: however, I as well do not at all understand the pointy ears. Guess it would work for a “Magick and Swords” sorta Otherworld story.

    Beyond that, I love the race change. It seems almost silly this hasn’t been done before, it works so well!

  6. It looks like that I am the minority here, but I actually like the elf ears. It kinda reminds me of the New Adventures of Batman cartoon Poison Ivy design, where the creators wanted to invoke a more nymph-like image.

  7. I’m with the majority that the ears are a bit too over the top, but I have no problem with the pants. There is a whole school of thought about how looser clothes and how they drape can be exponentially more sexual than tight and structured clothing (easier to take off, flirtier, whispers of what might or might not be on underneath and whatnot). I would have done something with the top to make it more in line with the bottom, maybe a leafy tube top or something.

  8. “Black people are so refreshing!” I really don’t get that state of mind. It just seems condescending to me.

  9. I LOVE IT! Poison Ivy shows extreme and wonderful design. In the world of art and animation one can be who the choose to be. Every superhero has on something tight and form fitting, I agree the loose pants leaves something for one to imagine. I don’t get the part from Carver about black people being so refreshing, yet not getting that state of mind. Black, white or green in this case, its a great work of art. I guess thats what makes us all individuals. Keep of the great work! You ROCK!

  10. I absolutely love it. This is my brothers art so im probably biased but i think its a great redesign. There are a lot of definitions of sexy and as a redesign the pants are a classic homage to her pre-sexy image as a nerdy scientist. Get with it people

  11. It is an amazing drawing of poison ivy, he made a greater definition in her hair,face,and eyes.He made her better than before.Also he made her look like a plant “powered”woman! With the the vine look in the hair and the rose in her hair.He made a his very own poison ivy.

  12. I am impressed RJ, this design is awesome. I love the design/texture you added to her hair….kind of like organic dreads made of leaves and earth….I agree with the poofy pants, although I think if you added a more feminine or less athletic shape to her legs, they would accent the silhouette of the pants greatly….I see big things in your future, keep up the good work :)

  13. Not sure what I love more: the flowing nature of the outfit, or that she actually looks like Uma Thurman. Provided that Uma Thurman had darker skin and had actually played Ivy well.

  14. i can get used to the ears but theyre not needed, i have no problems with the pants but thats probably because i thought she looked Indian and not black and the artist was going for a hindu/middle eastern look (doesnt help that i have an Indian ex-girlfriend i guess lol). Love the green freckles, great touch!!

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