P:R Approved: Ron Salas’ Doctor Strange!

Note: Ron Salas returns to the P:R fold today, turning in this great rendition of Marvel’s chief magic-wielder Doctor Strange. Ron’s modern take on the former surgeon shows that you don’t have to look old-fashioned to do old-school magic, giving the hero a dapper do from head to toe. The only thing I’d recommend changing is adding some of his magical items back — namely the Eye of Agamotto. – Chris A.

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  1. The overall design is nice, but it’s a bit nondescript for Strange. I always imagined that the slight element of flair/flashiness to his previous outfits reflected the remnants of his pre-mystical-conversion ego. This redesign is missing that and it’s a noticeable loss (along with the Eye of Agamotto, as Chris said).

    I think the biggest problem, however, is the excessive bagginess of it. It would be one thing if it was designed to be loose fitting and free flowing, but the way it’s drawn makes it look like it was actually cut to be form-fitting but that it was intended to be worn by someone who is about a foot taller than Strange.

  2. I like it overall – though I feel with the understated design, the cape is actually a bit much. Perhaps a bit more of a shorter cape or cloak design would work.

    It does definitely need some more mysticism like the eye – which would also act to compliment the simpler outfit by adding an effective centerpiece.

  3. Glad to see this up. This was fun to work on especially since Doctor Strange is one of my top five Marvel characters.
    Just wanted to say that the Eye of Agammotto is hidden under his scarf. Considering it’s probably his most powerful talisman and that it has been stolen at least once, I figure he’d do better to be more secretive about it.

  4. Too rumpled. Too grey. Too mundane. Even Zatanna Zatara wears a tuxedo. However, I really do like that portrait of him. Nice work.

    The Eye of Agamotto is hidden….because its valuable? Really? That’s why? And so THE Sorcerer Supreme, the master of magic, the mightiest magician in the cosmos, the primary protector of Earth against magical and mystical threats, is just gonna tuck it away under his scarf so he doesn’t get mugged….? By the hoary hosts of Hoggoth, that’s absurd. :)

  5. This caught my eye and I really like it. It does have a couple of problems, but over all it’s a much more contemporary and clean look than anything I’ve really seen. I like the gray and the sort of textured jacket, but it does sorely need some of the magical things added back. This reads as more “eccentric guy that shops at that place in the TV show Oddities” and not so much “Powerful magic user.”

  6. I have to agree with Oilscum about the idea of hiding the Eye under his scarf. Seems more than a bit implausible. The previous time it was stolen, did someone just run up and jack it off his neck? Also, given that one of the Eye’s primary function is to shine a light of revelation things that are hidden, having Strange hide it under a scarf seems rather contralogical.

  7. seems like a great look for a doctor strange movie. unique but believable. would fit in nicely with thor and cap and the fellas.

    i agree he needs a bit or his accoutrement. relatedly, his hands are where much of his powers emanate from so i’d like to see them accent a little more. some sort of cuff or glove -maybe even a gauntlet. nothing too big or flashing, just a little something to draw the eye.

  8. This design really reminds me of “Gotham by Gaslight”: it’s cool for an Elseworld, but if it was his official costume, then I would want more color.

  9. I really like it!!It’s cool and practical and fits the character,much better than the ridiculous original costume,it’s was camp even for the sixties,this redesign is quite perfect,as sayd add the eye of Agamotto and become perfect.

  10. I think the issue of the eye can easily be solved: Cleavage window!

    Also, I do like it. I don’t have any nostalgia for the old crazy 70’s Doctor Strange nonsense. I appreciate the more streamlined and utilitarian outfit, here. I think the cape is fine, contrasting nicely with the dark gray and complementing the inside of the long coat. I like how the cape is resolves around the neck, as well.

    I agree that the extensive bagginess of the pants and sleeves IS a little odd, though… Seems it would bunch up and get in the way a bit.

  11. This is a really interest take on Doc. He looks like he has left the limelight behind and is all in on stopping evil. He also appears much more suave than our current version; like he’d save your town from demons and then sleep with your 20 year old daughter.

    I think hiding the eye is fine. It makes the danger he is in seem more … dangerous? Not the smoothest description, but hopefully you know what I mean.

    Overall, I really like the move (whether as part of an alternative timeline or an evolution for the character). I do wonder if a lighter shade on that overcoat (or even a nice blue) wouldn’t assuage some of the concerns about whether this is a fit for Stephen, though.

  12. I’m with kalorama. Two very important factors are missing. The Eye, for once. The class. TO me, Dr. Strange is a man of class. If he decides to wear a goatee, you’ll be sure as hell his will be trimmed to perfection. Perfect fit designer pants (crafted by magic, of course. no need to actually spend on anything). A neat hairstyle, gelled-out maybe?

    If anything, this is a Dr. Strange I’d see in an apocalyptic war where he loses a great deal of his magic and has to go by with whatever scraps of magic he can muster up (even then, he’d look classy as balls).

  13. I like the lines of this outfit a lot. But everything else about it is too nondescript. For me, there’s nothing that says “mystical” or “fun” about this costume.

  14. I’d have liked to see it worked in right there as a belt buckle of all things. I don’t know what strikes me about that as being appropriate, but it seems with this particular look, it’d look really good there.

  15. “It” being the Eye of Agamotto of course. Overall though I find this particular design to be fresh, I like the good doc to have a rougher look to him.

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