P:R Approved: Stuart Immonen’s Redesigns For The All-New X-Men!

Note: We here at P:R don’t hide it — we’re big Stuart Immonen fans. But even with our bias aside, we can’t help but love these new official designs Immonen did for the original X-Men in All-New X-Men which premiered at New York Comic Con earlier this month. Mixing the original school costume look Jack Kirby started with the great innovations Walt Simonson did with these heroes in 1986’s X-Factor, Immonen has created something that leans into the future while keeping its feet planted in the history and legacy of the team. Here’s an interview with editor Steve Wacker over at CBR about the comics in which these costumes will debut, and look to Newsarama next week for pair of articles by me about the arc and the designs. – Chris A.

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  1. I don’t agree with any of the above commentary.

    Its Power Rangers meets Voltron. They look like some kind of futuristic baseball/ soccer team.

  2. I like them, but feel like a lot of the details are unnecessary, the shoes for example. Also not huge on Beast. Cyclops is a good alternative to the costume old Cyke uses. The blue and white give it a sense of innocence.

  3. I don’t like them,they’re bit anonymous space suits,I would keept the black&yellow color theme to represent the innocence of this young original x-men coming from the past.

  4. I dunno , but I kinda dig em that shade of blue for cyclops is a bit light, but the suits are different but still let’s people know these are the original 5 and stand out from their older counterparts

  5. When people submit their re-designs for contests, a lot of judges criticize the use of a lot of lines and extras because they make the uniforms too hard to draw, too much going on, etc. Same thing is happening here.

  6. Like most of what Immonen does, I love these costumes. It probably helps that I fondly remember the debuts of numerous iterations of their previous costumes, including the X-Factor redesigns mentioned above. I wonder how difficult it will be for other artists to render these designs, though. They’re a little complicated, and I can imagine other less-capable artists not getting them right.

  7. Random tech obliques, hexagons & stripe padding that don’t follow anatomy’s joints. If this was drawn by an amateur in deviant art i would have barely glanced at it.

    My personal creative advice-opinion: Start with a functional armor design with layers (soft, scaled, plate) flatten it to skin tight and simplify it to chosen line pattern (hexagon here). Find a use (function) to otherwise superfluous lines

  8. Hmm. Can’t say I really dig these. Jean reminds me of Hope… I suppose they will grow on me but at the moment the only one I really love is Beast. Especially the goggles. That’s a nice touch.

  9. Not a huge fan. They’re alright. Some variation of the X-Men: First Class comic costumes would’ve been great. Those might be my favourite X-Men uniforms next to Quitely’s New X-Men ones.

  10. to me it looks like their costumes are inspired by Uncanny X-men Cyclops’s costume. apart for the color treatment, the lines are oddly similar.

  11. They’re kinda busy, but I like to look at em. Cyclops especially, that’s a nice colorway going there.

    Reminds me a bit of Bionic Six, which is never a bad thing when you have my brain in your body. ;)

  12. The impact of these designs are pretty strong, as soon as I saw them X-factor popped into my mind and I felt like i was in elementary school again. I just wish the Beast’s color were navy and red. The actual costume design is ok, borderline generic but the colors are what makes them so nostalgic. I love X-men, the original 5 have always been my favorite team and I like what I see here. EXCELSIOR!!!

  13. A lot of my criticisms have already been expressed by others. That said, I can sort of feel these designs growing on me. They certainly make the time-transported First Class look less like kids and more like young adults.

    My biggest complaint is Beast’s color scheme. Orange? Really?

  14. I’m OK with the suits leaning towards a “generic” look because that’s how the X-men started out. But there seems to be no rhyme or reason for most the variations here. These also remind me a bit of the FF black and white outfits. Makes me wonder who (in the fictional Marvel U) is designing and making these battle suits.

    For some reason I have a big problem with Beast wearing the eye shield thing too…it takes away the visual impact (pun!) of Cyclops unique feature. I know Hank wears glasses but a guy who has little problem with experimenting on himself shouldn’t have an issue with getting laser surgery to correct his vision!

  15. Love Immonen and have no doubt that he’ll make these look great. He and I do appreciate very different aspects of superhero costumes, though.

    For me, these lack the graphic quality of Simonson’s orignial X-Factor designs and the practicality that Quietly brought to New X-Men (Emma excepted). They are heavy on spandex and light on wow factor.

    Even with that, this is going to be a great looking arc.

  16. NIIICE!!! I really like these. Sets them apart from their modern versions, but harkens to the past. Hell having them out in space may actually be what they need. Put them with what’s left of the StarJammers!

  17. I don’t care for them much at all. They look like something that would be ripped to shreds if submitted by an fan for a redesign contest; so much unnecessary detail. And can we leave half-belt pouch things in the 90s? Replacing the X belt buckle with some kind of crotch X looks pretty ridiculous.

  18. Im a huge fan of Stuart Immonen work! He rules but I fail to see why PR likes this costumes. They lack all the visual elements to make them memorable. They have this Voltron vibe without its visual impact. Even the Doom Patrol uniforms that seem to be a source of inspiration designed by Larsen are better same as the simonson costumes…
    Beast is by far the worst. Definitely not my cup of tea.

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