P:R Approved: Sarah Partington’s Storm!

Note: We’re busily working behind the scenes to total up the scores for Storm: All-Weather Wear, but we can’t help but show off this unrelated — but awesome — redesign of Marvel’s weather witch by Sarah Partingon. Both of these are great, but I’m partial to the more punkish one. Between the haircut, the tube top, the flaired pants and the stunning but practical wings I could easily see Storm striking out in the night with this. – Chris A.

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  1. I really love the punk Storm version. However, the parachute cape baffles me a bit. How does it stay open like that with no support on the outer edges? Wouldn’t the wind just blow the whole thing backwards? Also, it probably drags on the ground when her arms are down and she’s walking about.

    Other than the cape, I really like the design. The bellbottom pants have a lot of retro-kitsch attitude, and the near-naked torso goes back to the idea that Storm was a nudist at the time of her introduction (is she still a nudist?). Like, I can see her not caring if her tube top gets torn off.

    As for the second drawing … I don’t like the colors, lol! Lavender, mustard and mauve; echhh. The design of the dress itself is nice for a social outfit, but I’m not seeing it in combat (the material looks fragile).

  2. I love the top design very much, though I wonder whether it would work as well when it was drawn by an artist with a more realistic style. Awesome all the same.

  3. The art style and uniform of the first one is so appealing! Love the haircut especially. I don’t think many people can pull that off. The second one seems very practical and regal too. Reminds me of a modified Jedi tunic mixed with a ballerina, if that makes sense.

  4. Neither designs look the least bit practical or battle-ready. Storm in the first picture would have her boobs pop out the second she tried to swing a punch someone, and Storm in the second picture would be too busy tripping over her sleeves.

  5. Felix: She has been worshipped as a goddess, but no she’s not a religious deity. And for a significant amount of time Storm wore street-level clothes, so the first design isn’t too far-fetched.

  6. The first design is a lot of fun, but the second is ridiculously brilliant. I see that it borrows significantly from Jemma Salume’s Storm redesign, but is far less malevolent and far more fashion-forward.

    Storm’s mutant ability lets her control wind, weather and atmospheres, but more importantly: the perception of those elements. She probably has a VERY intimate awareness of exactly how her garments flow and rest on her body. A loose, flowing scarf would feel —in her mind— like a corset. She would instinctively move her clothes to aid her in flight OR fight. It’s that realization that informed my design for Storm in the most recent competition. Anything IN the air can be felt and moved by the windrider.

    It’s too bad you’re sending this one out today, suggesting that Partington’s design isn’t eligible for the contest. I see it as a perfect evolution for the character. No more sorrow or edginess, but a maturity and diplomacy in her look.

  7. I have to agree with chad. I love that bottom design. It speaks so fluently to her personality. Its calm, elegant, and classy. Which to me is very befitting of storm over the last two decades.

  8. While I really appreciate both designs and styles, I just want to comment on however improbable the first design’s cape is, the fact that it creates a big “X” works from a design standpoint. Would be good for a character poster or cover art. I just can’t find a similar explanation for the tube top, sorry.

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