Call For Submissions for Fan-Art Friday: The Black Terror!

Note: Before the Punisher and all the dark-and-gritty heroes, there was the Black Terror. Created by Richard E. Hughes and Don Gabrielson in the early 1940s, the skull-draped masked hero has fallen into the public domain and popped up everywhere from Alan Moore’s Tom Strong to Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon and was relaunched as part of Dynamite‘s Project Superpowers with Alex Ross and Jim Kreuger.  For this week’s Fan-Art Friday, Project: Rooftop challenges artists far and wide to draw their rendition of the Black Terror with a deadline for submissions at Wednesday, November 27 at 5pm Eastern time. Email them to us at with your full name, the image, and a link to your website/portfolio (if you have one). Make sure the images are under 1000 pixels wide, and are in either JPG, GIF or PNG formats. This time out we’re limited it to one image per artist. Here’s a sketch of the Black Terror done by Dan Brereton several years back to get your mind going. – Chris A.