Judges’ Favorites from “Storm All-Weather Wear”!

Note: Last week we unveiled the top entries from our Storm: All-Weather Wear contest, and today I wanted to focus more in depth on the individual picks of our judges. Our winner Kelly Smith earned one of the highest cumulative score (87%) and was the highest score for many of of judges, but some of the others down the list were also given highest marks by individual judges.

This This piece by Matt Lane was 17th overall in the contest, but one of our guest judges Brian Wood gave it a 9 — his highest mark, which he also gave to #4’s Thomas Branch and 2nd Place Zhihuang Dong. The X-Men scribe called the piece “incredibly striking,” feeling both epic and important.

P:R Regular Jordan Gibson submitted the above piece, and while in the overall rankings it scored 5th it earned highest individual marks from Vito Delsante, Kim Belair and Glen Weldon.

And lastly, this piece by Randy Bishop got the highest marks of both Delsante and Belair, with Delsante calling it “regal” and Belair loving it especially for the closed/open cape.

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  1. Jordan Gibson is CLEARLY the winner here, #1!
    His outfit is one that can actually get rained on. A comic book artist could draw this over & over & over again in many different settings and have the outfit be consistant and recognizably unique in all of them. His design is the only one here that does not ask the audience to completely diverge from”suspension of disbelief” into absurdity. The overcoat-cape gives many dramatic possibilities. Jordan is the only one who gets the yellow+black X-men logo correct. The X-earrings are a perfect match, with interesting parallel lines shaved on one side of the head. Tall boots are good for someone who can make a flood on a whim, combined with breeches & the edge of the over-cape, won’t admit precipitation into the top cuff of the boot easily. And he does it all without hyper-sexualizing her. Magnificent!

    Your “winner” Kelly Smith’s design includes a 2-prong miter that cannot stay on without magic or glue when storm takes flight or uses other wind powers. The audience is only required to buy into the X-gene premise here, not “costume magic”. That hat form is for some other character, such as the Scarlet Witch, or even The Phoenix. Open shoulders for a rain-maker? Fashion show maybe, but a misson? = failure. Especially if the name of this particular contest is “All-Weather Wear”!

    Randy Blair’s outfit is nothing but a cape in the Fantastic Four’s blue+white colors for no reason, with a mohawk that acts like magic feathers instead of hair. Storm would need to constantly use wind powers on her hair to make it behave like that. I imagine everyone around her would get pretty annoyed at the constant blow-dryer-like noise quickly.

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