P:R Approved: Jason Reeves’ Moon Knight!

Note: Artist Jason Reeves has turned Marvel’s Moon Knight into an actual knight. Done originally for the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Redux blog, this design by Reeves (and colored by Luis Guerrero) takes the Fist of Khonshu and livens him up with a high-tech / ceremonial set of battle gear. I like the mixture of functional with the accortrement of detail such as in the shoulder pieces and the waist belt. Plus, showing it as armor over a more fabricy-suit offers the story chance for it to become worn, beaten and torn off for tougher battles. The crescent moon in the shadowy face? That’s new, but I’d love to see it explored as well. – Chris A.

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  1. Reminds me of the Vengeance of Moon Knight armor but cooler. love the glowing crecent moon on the face, an the stylized Ankh on the chest. The scarab is also a nice touch.

  2. I….have nothing even remotely negative to say about this. And I’m the king of nitpicking!

    This is fantastic! I love it! I want a comic staring him, I want to cosplay as this (I don’t cosplay, but I would, as this!), I want a poster on my wall (the 1st in almost 20 years…).

    He’s like Azrael from Diablo only…better in every way. And probably less annoying but I’m not too familiar with Moon Knight…

    …this is just beautiful. I don’t want to stop staring at it.

  3. Very cool take on the character. Makes him look more unique. I was never really interested in Moon Knight, but if I;d seen this on a shelf, I’ flick through it at least.

  4. A little “gold” for a lunar inspired character, don’t you think? The knee-armor is unique, I’ll give it that.

  5. That’s awesome. Though I feel the gold bits should be maybe a dark blue to give it more of a night time vibe. I love the crescent on the face though, almost looks like a scar.

  6. Although it’s nice to look at, the design itself doesn’t work for me at all. It looks very busy and doesn’t suit any existing take on the character. In addition, I have no idea how the obscured face is supposed to work.

  7. Impractical and ineffective, this armour protects no vital areas (or the crotch), leaving sternum/solar plexus, heart, femoral artery and lungs wide open for a number of lethal attacks (mostly stabbing), while at the same time minimizing his movement in the waist area. Some way to kill off a character.
    Love the mask design.

  8. I agree it is too buzy for the character. Now as introducing a new hero that copies moon knight or is the new moon khight this could work. It is too much of “knight” feel for specter, he more of just a crazy merc. Really nice costume,it just doesn’t fit the character.

  9. The armor seems incomplete, the “cape” seems to fall in a really unusual way in the back, but most shockingly everything is gold. I like the connection to the Egyptian origins, but it would’ve been better to do those in shiny onyx black or even silver – this looks too much like Solar Eclipse Man to me .

  10. I like the mask design. Love it in fact. If I had my druthers I’d loose the shoulder armor so that the cape could flow over the shoulders.

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