P:R Redesign: Thomas Fummo’s Frog-Man!

Note: Thomas Fummo returns to the site today, taking on an overlooked character from Marvel lore — Frog-Man. Originally designed by the monster artist Kerry Gammill, Frog-Man was typecast as a joke due to his costume looking too much like a frog but Fummo has updated the character into something that — while still a bit wacky — looks a bit more functional. Marvel, Frog-Man is ready for his moment in the sun. – Chris A.

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  1. A Valiant attempt at making a bad character look cool, but Frogman just needs to go at this point.
    I Love what he did with the jumping jack things or whatever you call them. They used those to deadly effect in a martial art film called Raging Phoenix.

  2. The more I see of Thomas Fummo’s work, the more I really love his style. At first the swirly and cross-hatching designs really threw me, and I didn’t know what to think about it, but I like it a lot now. As for this design, it’s kind of a weird blend between cartoony and a more realistic approach. I’d like to see this without the flippers and goofy helmet, but at the same time it’s still fitting for a guy who calls himself Frog Man. Even with the flippers, the boots are amazingly cool, and it’s a solid redesign all over. “I like it” is probably as much as I can say for any design attributed to Frog Man, but that’s solely based on the character and not the artist’s abilities. The artwork is great.

  3. Really only works if Thomas drew it – is my negative/critical thought. Kind of an indie nightmare as far as transferring over for other artists to draw. Just some different shades of green on some prosthetic enhancements with gauntlets for no reason.

    I love this pic and the idea of seeing him draw this though – is my positive thought. Great artist, lots of fun.

  4. @Erech O!: There’s always a reason for gauntlets :)

    Seriously though, thanks everyone for the kind feedback. I’m really glad people are warming to my style! Thanks for the feature, P:R :)

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