Deadline Extended for “Middleman: Man About Town” Redesign Contest!

Note: We’ve received a host of excellent entries for our current Middleman: Man About Town redesign contest, and in the spirit of the holidays we’re extending the deadline for entries for one more week. The final deadline for  entries is December 11, 2013 at 5pm Eastern Time. For complete rules, see the original Middleman: Man About Town announcement.  To give you some last-minute inspiration, here’s the Middleman‘s Wendy Watson, as designed and illustrated by co-creator Les McClaine. – Chris Arrant

One comment to “Deadline Extended for “Middleman: Man About Town” Redesign Contest!”
  1. I’ve been dragging my feet a little on this one. The reason is mainly this instruction from the original announcement:
    “Whatever era you choose, remember the key part of the Middleman’s cannon: black trousers, white shirt, green jacket, black tie and boots.”
    I’ve been trying to get around this restriction by being loose with the interpretation, i.e. substituting a green cloak for the green jacket, and so forth, but is that taking things too far?

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