10 comments to “All-Ages All-Stars: Yale Stewart’s Kid Justice League — JL8!”
  1. I adore this comic strip. It is so fun and it has genuine moments that make me laugh or cry. I can honestly say it has the most true version of Wonder Woman ever put to paper. Yale is one artist that I wish the best of luck and that JL8 continues to be read by everyone.

  2. I don’t think we’re supposed to be judging the character designs in this entry, but I have to say, something about Diana feels a little off. Maybe it’s the longer skirt or absent tiara, but something is definitely missing. However, that doesn’t at all keep me from enjoying this series. It really is great and has a lot more heart than you would otherwise expect from such a kid-friendly strip.

  3. I guess Diana’s skirt isn’t actually longer, it just seems that way, especially in certain panels, because her legs are shorter. It is missing the stars though. She just looks a little bland to me, but she’s still a cute kid. And like I said, JL8 is great. Thanks, P:R, for introducing me to Yale Stewart’s work.

  4. I just found about this web comic a few days ago, and I’m mad at myself for not doing so earlier. Everything about it from the designs to the characterization just radiates “appealing.” It’s quite possibly my favorite iteration of the Justice League.

  5. Agreed. His strip is one of the best online strips going. He nails all of their personalities so well. It’s a shame DC hasn’t gone approached Yale to print this for real.

  6. You know, if Aquaman were included (as he should have been) there would be 8 members of JL8. Only enhancing this piece. Of course the world always becomes less awesome when ever people see fit to remove Aquaman from the Justice league.

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