P:R Approved: Thomas Fummo’s War Nurse!

Note: Thomas Fummo returns to P:R for another tour of duty, this time joining forces with the public domain hero War Nurse. Fummo tells P:R says this 1940s character could work well in modern times, and has changed her look to a “modern, padded army medic get-up” that in my opinion would be great as a super-hero OR G.I. Joe outfit. – Chris Arrant

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  1. I don’t know if I buy her as a superhero, especially as there’s nothing in the way of iconography unique to the character, but it’s a very nice drawing. To be fair, it looks like the original was rather generic, as well.

  2. Before I read the description and only saw the head I thought it was Storm Shadow, but when I scrolled down to reveal the whole piece it made more sense. I still was thinking G.I.JOE til I read the write up on who this actually was. This is a great design, I really dig the future styling aesthetic with the armor bits and such.

    Great style and execution on this one. I could easily see this making a great G.I.JOE custom figure actually. I mean what if COBRA takes out Doc and Lifeline, who is gonna fill their shoes!?

    The more I look at this the more I’m really diggin the overall look. Great work.

  3. I don’t know if it’s the stormtrooper look I’m digging or just the illustration, but I really like this drawing. I’d like to see more in this style.

  4. Looks great! Definitely a opposite of the naval bearing original. It looks practical, functional and the open eyes really allows good emoting. My only critic is how big the back-pack is, since it kinda shoves her back into the support role with how bulky it is, and it seems like she created the costume to be more on the offense.

  5. Thomas Fummo’s designs are always interesting, but this particular illustration I just love! His style is really starting to gel for me. Look forward to seeing more from him.

  6. Although the amount of white make her look more like a nurse than a soldier, I don’t know what it is, but I feel like there are some colors (or something) missing. Guess I have some weird eyes.

    But it would be cool to see a team-up with her and the RetroFix Red Cross. They look like they could be in the same universe and complement each other well!

  7. But–but–no cleavage? No long flowing hair? No bare midriff? No gigantic vacuum-packed helium-filled bazooms? No insectoid waist? Gosh, how could you possibly tell that that’s a woman?!

    I kid, I kid. This is an awesome redesign and I think War Nurse could be a supporting character in either the Marvel or DC Universes starting in the next issue of pretty much anything.

  8. Ooh ooh ooh got it! She got a partial version of the Super Soldier Serum, like (some versions of) the Black Widow. She is keeping this hidden from the Army brass because she feels a strong calling to the medical profession, using her enhanced strength and endurance to bring medical aid to the troops and also to anybody else who needs it.

  9. I’ve read GI Joe since I was a kid, and agree War Nurse would fit right in. The costume is too standard-issue for a superhero, but works great as a GI Joe uniform.

  10. Wow :) thanks for all the kind words and feedback, everyone! I’ll try and address all your posts here:

    I get all the GI:JOE thoughts, even though I hadn’t envisioned her as a part of that team, necessarily, but I agree it could work.

    I agree the back-pack is quite big and I’d definitely shrink it if I were to draw her again, and in action. The lack of colour other than brown/grey/white was just to keep the sober army get-up look.

    @Jenny: Ha ha, I love you :D and I really love your secret super-soldier idea, I think it could really work. Ditto for everyone suggesting a Red Cross/War Nurse team up: I love that retrofix and I’ll definitely try and draw them both in a splash panel or something (with credit to the retrofix designers of course). Anyone feel up to writing a story? :D

    Once again, thank you to P:R for featuring her and to everyone for your thoughts, compliments and critiques. It really means a lot!

  11. I think it’s really good both in design and illustration. i think designing some proprietary gear ( smaller and not brown bag, needle guns, defibrillator gloves, fast cast nets and cuffs, etc) could enforce the super-heroine part as well as make her less generic.

  12. Cool design, but too practical, reminds me of something out of a video game or a new gi Joe toy line. I loved the sillyness of the original concept.

  13. I like the design, wondering if you’ll have her on a solely Terran battlefield or foreign or domestic urban rescue site, like during 9/11 or evacuating people during something like the Tsunami, or if she could be adapted to an alien world or out-in-the-black space war/ humanitarian crisis. Would she only help humans? She does have armor, not just a uniform of scrubs, and I like that she’s another face in the crowd of people on the field until she takes off her helmet and you see the rest of her. That’s what a lot of work in that service field- nursing, soldiering, police and firefighting is about- you -are- the uniform and your job, that’s what people see, what you represent.

    I really like this character and would love to learn more about her backstory and her life as a hero. People need to remember that it isn’t just front-lines heroes that are Super even if they’re ‘just’ human- none of the superheroing most anyone does would be possible without a support system and people to man the home front.


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